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Queen Camilla Having A Tough Time In Her New Role

While there’s no doubt that many people would love to call themselves the Queen of England, Camilla Parker Bowles is the only person on the planet that currently has that distinction.

However, it seems like she might be struggling a little bit with her role right now. That’s because she didn’t expect it to be as much work as it has been so far. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Camilla Parker Bowles Having A Tough Time In Her New Role

While being King of England has been a role that King Charles has waited his entire life for, Camilla Parker Bowles is doing everything that she can to support her husband.

But what she didn’t expect was all of the hard work that she’s had to put in ever since she was given the title. It seems like a day doesn’t go by that she’s not attending some kind of royal engagement or forced to make a public appearance. This pace in her life is something that she is definitely not used to.

Queen Camilla Having A Tough Time In Her New Role

But while some people would have already began to complain if they were in Camilla’s shoes, she’s not that kind of person. She knows that it’s part of her duty to the crown to represent the monarchy as best as she can, even if that means all she wants to do is sleep on some days.

Then again, at her age, there’s only so much that Camilla can take. Even King Charles is concerned that the workload might be too much on her. He even saw how exhausted she looked during his Coronation back in May.

What’s Next For Camilla Parker Bowles?

These are supposed to be King Charles and Queen Camilla’s golden years, but it seems like they will be working harder and even longer hours now than ever before.

And unfortunately, there’s nothing that they can do about it. Sure, King Charles could step down and give up the throne to his son, Prince William. But that’s not going to happen. He didn’t wait this long in his life just to throw it all away that quickly and that easily.

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