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Rock Solid Reasons Prince William And Kate Middleton Will Never Divorce

British royal family news shows that Prince William and Kate Middleton married at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011, and ever since their lives have looked like the perfect modern fairy tale.

They are young, beautiful, accomplished, and parents to three beautiful kids. In truth no marriage is perfect and because of their high visibility certain things leak out about their lives. For example, royal pundit Tom Quinn told Fox News that the couple have a reputation for angry fights.

Royal News – Kate and William’s Marriage

He said “it’s not all sweetness. They have terrible rows where they throw things at each other. Kate might seem to be a very calm person, and William also. But it’s not always true. Because the big stress for William and Kate is that they’re constantly surrounded by [palace aides].”

Would William and Kate ever get to the point where divorce is possible? Perish the thought! Royal fans believe that these two have what it takes to make it through to the end, and here are the reasons why.

Rock Solid Reasons Prince William And Kate Middleton Will Never Divorce

Royal Family News – Monarchy Is All About Producing Heir And Cementing Alliances.

Royal expert Peter Conradi wrote in his book “The Great Survivors: How Monarchy Made It Into The Twenty-First Century” that “Traditionally, royal marriages were not about love, lust, or friendship — they were instead about producing heirs and cementing alliances.”

Royal Family News – Kate And William’s Rock Solid Marriage

As such, while Kate and William bear all the signs that they are very much in love, their marriage serves another purpose: to protect the monarchy’s image and to produce an heir.

Conradi explained that the attitude of European royal families to marriage is that it “is an institution to be entered into for life. Whatever the ups and downs they have experienced during married life, divorce has never seemed a realistic option.”

Royal Family News – Will the Wales’s Ever Divorce?

Is Prince William and Princess Catherine’s marriage essential to the monarchy’s future? It’s not as grandiose a proposition as it sounds.

Royal divorces rock the throne, and scandal impact the popularity of the monarchy. In recent times King Edward VIII decision to abdicate for Wallis Simpson was deemed inappropriate by and large by the UK public.

When King Charles III divorced Princess Diana, the scandal rocked the country and the monarchy took a hit.

Royal Family News – The Wales’s Care A Lot About Their Duties.

Additionally Prince William and Princess Catherine care a lot about duty and it is unlikely they would choose to divorce and thus upset their duty to the crown.

Royal expert Nick Bullen thinks that William “was always serious about his duty, and he always knew what his destiny was, but now it’s there … I think you can see the seriousness in the Wales’ in a way that wasn’t there even a year ago.”

Lastly, many experts believe that divorce is not an option for Prince William and Princess Catherine because of the horrible effect his parents’ divorce had on William.

No parent would want their own child to experience the trauma of divorce and the couple have three children to think about: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

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