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Royal Critics Concerned About Prince George’s Behavior At The Coronation

It’s certainly not easy being a royal kid in the spotlight, and definitely not as a royal kid who will one day be the future king of England. Yet, royal fans have expressed their concern for Prince George after they noticed something odd about his behavior during the coronation.

In fact, some people have gone as far as to say that they feel sorry for him. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Critics Concerned About Prince George’s Behavior At The Coronation

According to reports, everyone noticed how Prince George had one of the biggest roles at the coronation, as he served as one of King Charles’ pages of honor.

Yet, a lot of people noticed that the young royal looked rather nervous throughout the ceremony. That, and many critics fear that he may one day crack under all of the pressure he is going to have as a future monarch himself.

Royal Critics Concerned About Prince George’s Behavior At The Coronation

Some critics took to their Twitter accounts to express just how sorry they feel for Prince George. Because it’s not like he wants to be King of England or that he has a choice about his future. It’s that he has to be the next king because it is a role that he is born into.

Some critics said, “I feel for George. I think they put too much pressure on the kid and he is going to crack up,” along with, “I feel so sorry for Prince George because of what is expected of him at such a young age. This picture he looks worried and unhappy. Even on a hot day at Wimbledon his father made him sit in a suit,” mused a third person.”

Royal Family News – What’s Next For Prince George?

So far Prince William and Kate Middleton have not made any comments about the matter, but others have noticed that unlike his siblings Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, Prince George always looks so worried and unhappy. Clearly, he knows that he’s got a long life of service ahead of him. That might be a little too much for a boy his age to take on.

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  1. James Peebles says

    Feel sorry for Prince George? I feel infinitely more concern for the malnourished, underpriviledged, poverty stricken and handicapped children of the world.

  2. Tracey says

    Welll Nooo Shit!!!!! But those people don’t exist in some worlds.

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