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Royal Family News: King Charles Denied Access To Archie And Lili Unless Harry And Meghan Given New Home?

British royal family news shows that King Charles has revoked Harry and Meghan’s grasp on Frogmore Cottage but they are not completely out of options when visiting the UK.

Spicy dish reveals that the Sussexes were evicted from Frogmore within 24 hours of Harry’s torrid memoir Spare dropping, a book drenched in petty rants against his family.

King Charles allegedly chose to evict Harry and Meghan from the quaint cottage, “due to the repeated broadsides at Queen Consort Camilla in his younger son’s memoir, Spare.”

But a source claims that the thirsty pair could withhold their kids if they are not given an alternate residence. Has King Charles relented and offered up a UK home so as to be able to visit his grandkids Lili and Archie?

Royal Family News: King Charles Denied Access To Archie And Lili Unless Harry And Meghan Given New Home?

Royal Family News – Harry And Meghan In The UK

According to The Sunday Telegraph, Prince Harry and Meghan may be given Prince Andrew’s Buckingham Palace apartment following the disgraced prince’s displacement. A source told the outlet that the pair think future visits will be very difficult if they cannot be within, “the security perimeters of a royal estate.” Does this sound like emotional blackmail?

Royal Family News – Harry And Meghan Need Accommodations

After the news broke, the couple’s pet journalist Omid Scobie declared that some royals were “appalled” by Charles’ eviction notice and – sniff– Harry and Meghan were simply “stunned.” According to Scooby Doo, he was told: “It all feels very final and like a cruel punishment. It’s like [the family] want to cut them out of the picture for good.” Such dramarama.

Royal Family News – Markle Drama

Doo’s assertion was refuted by a source who told The Times that the Markles are NOT stunned and that they allegedly stated, “if we need to move out, we will get ourselves out.” The move was reportedly signed off on by Prince William and Princess Kate.

Royal Family News – Will Charles Cave In?

On Saturday Dirty Harry sat for another controversial interview with another controversial figure, “toxic trauma” doc Gabor Maté who on the spot diagnosed Harry with ADD. The £17-per-ticket livestream event included a free copy of Spare. Tell us royal fans, do you think Harry and Meghan deserve a free residence in the UK?

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  1. Cecille Amor says

    These two traitors should not be accepted to the family. They are disrespectful and shameless. Not worthy to be a royal. Spoiled brat Harry has shamed the family. I understand why. He was not schooled like his brother. His brain is stagnant . What a shame!!!

    1. Lor says

      So true what you said,all they think about is the limelight.

  2. Dee says

    I’m in William’s corner. Exile them!! They exiled Edward for marrying a divorcee from the USA. He did not trash the family, he followed his heart. Harry did the same as far as marriage goes but then went on to publicly talk about the royals in a bad light and put in writing how terrible he thinks they all have acted. Why? He didn’t get hugged enough hahahahaha. Good thing Harry is the spare because he is too low class to carry out the duties of anyone. What galls me is that Harry is expecting an apology. What planet did Harry drop in from?! His wife didn’t discourage him from writing that book. If she truly cared about him I think that would have been the wise thing to do. She’s in this for all the attention she receives. She will never get her fill. Harry hasn’t any job skills, so he’s going to keep milking the royals for any tidbits he can for future books. No one trusts him.

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