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Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Bullying Accusations Create Shocking NEW Problem

Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Bullying Accusations Create Shocking NEW ProblemBritish Royal family news reveals as an example, the recent brouhaha over a key staffer’s upcoming exit from the royal family’s foundation has sparked headlines similar to those announcing Angelina Jolie splitting from Brad Pitt. Substitute Meghan Markle for Angelina, and Jason Knauf for Brad Pitt, and you’ve got a made-for-Hollywood ruckus.

Meghan Markle Bullying Accusations Spark Start Of New Problems For Kate Middleton And Prince William

Kensington Palace executive Jason Knauf has become a dependable presence for the royal family. As a result, Jason seemed to enjoy tenure.

But not anymore. Royal family watchers recently learned that Knauf suddenly would exit his high-powered position at the Royal Foundation before the New Year.

And the news resulted in investigations that revealed an intriguing timeline:

  • Problems in Jason’s Palace paradise began in autumn 2018. On that date, Knauf emailed Kate Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s private secretary Simon Case regarding Meghan Markle. Jason expressed concern that Meghan had been “able to bully two PAs out of the household in the past year. Knauf called the alleged bullying of the two personal assistants (PAs) “totally unacceptable.”
  • That email got leaked, along with sections of a letter Meghan wrote to her father. The copyright on that letter got questioned because Jason actually helped Markle write the letter.

Initial Bullying Allegations Turn Into New Questions About Kate’s and William’s Exec Exit

Even though Knauf won’t actually leave his position on Kate Middleton’s and Prince William’s royal charity foundation until the end of the year, the coverage around the world continues. What all the attention makes clear: Kate and William continue to experience the aftermath of Meghan Markle’s presence in the royal family.

More than a year has passed since Meghan and Prince Harry stepped down from the royal family and headed for California. But the link between Markle and Kate’s key executive’s departure is clear.

Moreover, the excitement over anything and everything connected with Meghan and Harry (just like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt!) have increased. Their interview with Oprah Winfrey only began their domination of the media with various activities.

As a result, Kate and William must deal with the fall-out. The departure of their royal foundation’s key executive looks like it may start a general exodus of anything and anyone in the Palace connected with Meghan and Harry.

In stepping down from his post, however, Knauf sought to avoid any implications that Meghan Markle might be connected.

“Working with The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has been the privilege of my career. I will always be grateful for the opportunity I have had to support their leadership in the UK and internationally,” said Jason in his official statement. “The months ahead will be the busiest time in the Foundation’s history with the first awards for The Earth shot Prize and more progress on our early childhood work. We have a lot to do with our amazing team and all of our partners.”

Kate and William took their cues from Knauf, saying they were “immensely grateful” for his “hard work and commitment” as an “integral part” of their foundation. He previously worked as their Communications Secretary.

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  1. Guest says

    Meghan and Harry do have mental issues. I just hope the deal with them in a proper manner. They are both liars and you can't believe anything they say. They are shameful. That is not a way to bring up children.

  2. Guest says

    I agree need mental,health counseling. Poor Archie and new baby.

  3. Guest says

    M and H clearly have mental health issues. They feed off each other and keep the sympathy seeking, attention seeking, ball rolling. At the risk of sounding cold, I have to say that, all their ranting is fast becoming old and tiresome, especially knowing that they do it to merch themselves. A lot of people have lost any interest they may have had in this couple due to their cheap and crass tactics. Harry is not the only one who was heart broken when Princess Diana died….and I would say that he is not the only person in the world to have lost his Mother in tragic circumstances, but keeping on about it, and casting blame all over the place, is not going to bring her back. All this raking up the past is unhealthy, and must be so difficult for others in his family, particularly Prince William who also dearly loved his Mother and I am sure was as deeply hurt. Harry has had mental health issues all his life…even his Mother knew that Harry was a hot-head, and he had problems. When will we ever hear the end of all this. So Harry is getting more therapy……I hope it works for him "this time" around, but why do we have to be privy to every detail about why he's in therapy. Prince H-Angry needs to just shut up and focus on getting on with his life and find a "respectable" way to earn a living.

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