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Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Replaced At Prince Harry’s Big Event, Why She’s MIA At Invictus Games?

British royal family news shows that people are waking up today with a huge disconnect between what thy thought they knew about Meghan Markle, and reality.

Specifically, it was trumpeted that she would have a starring role in Prince Harry’s Invictus Games this month.

Mysteriously, amid all of her publicized concert going (Taylor and Beyonce) she reportedly has been struck from the Invictus schedule–and replaced with someone else.

What gives here? Is this the latest sign of trouble in Montecito Paradise, more proof that MM is planning to throw husband number two under the same bus as his family, her family, old “friends,” etc? Read on and find out.

Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Replaced At Prince Harry’s Big Event, Why She's MIA At Invictus Games?

Royal Family News: Trouble in Markle Paradise?

The Games were founded by Harry back when he was still a semi-respectable citizen of earth, not the most mocked man-child on the planet wearing his wife’s clothes to public events.

It’s a sporting event inspired for injured former military members and begins in Dusseldorf on Saturday. As is the norm now, Harry reportedly will attend the opening ceremony alone.

According to the Mirror, the official Game guide included Meghan indicating her role during the closing ceremony on September 16. Saving the best for last.

Royal Family News: Where Is Meghan?

The outlet reports that in the midst of rumors of divorce on the Cali horizon, “there appears to be no mention of her in a separate listing on the Invictus website and the schedule now says the segment about the competitors will instead be presented by German TV host Hadnet Tesfai.”

At the 2022 Games in The Hague “she made a speech at the opening ceremony, praising Harry. However, in the Netflix documentary, Heart of Invictus, which is all about the 2022 Games, Meghan only makes fleeting appearances.”

Royal Family News: Are the Markles Divorcing?

All of this confusion comes as Harry returns today to the UK for an appearance at the WellChild awards ceremony.

Despite throwing away his royal status, Harry remains WellChild’s patron. He has attended its annual awards ceremony post Megxit, but Meghan is not expected to be with him this year.

The event takes place one day before the first anniversary of the death of Queen Elizabeth, the UK’s longest-serving monarch.

It is thought that the royal family will discreetly pay homage to their late matriarch one year after her death at Balmoral at the age of 96.

Harry is understood to not be included in any remembrance, private or public.

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  1. Martha says

    With Meghans trashing of the Royal Monarchy and her “concoction” of make-believe children…why would anyone want her to be a spokesman for anything. She is such a fraud…and I can guarantee (in my opinion) that anything she has a part of is considered a fraud as well. Sorry Meghan…you’re time is up!!!

  2. Rose summers says

    You haters are always up in the Royal family business. What do you get in return? The Royals don’t care about you.We love Harry and his family USA

  3. Star Heckart says

    Things will be alright. You too.
    Lil Miss.

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