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Royal Family News: Prince William and Kate Charged With “Sabotaging” King Charles’ Coronation

British royal family news divulges that King Charles’ coronation on May 6 at Westminster Abbey was the event of a lifetime, a historic ceremony that the former prince waited 73 years for.

It was opulent, stunning, full of grandeur, involved hundreds of horses and thousands of guests. It was nearly flawless, save for a few minutes delay due reportedly to his son Prince William’s lateness.

But now a second shocking allegation has been made against William and his wife Princess Kate. Keep reading to find out who accuses the royal couple of “sabotaging” the king’s coronation!

Royal Family News: King Charles’ Coronation

After the big day, a video of the Prince and Princess of Wales was released, a glossy feature that showed the family preparing to leave Kensington Palace for Westminster Abbey.

Royal Family News: Prince William and Kate Charged With “Sabotaging” King Charles' Coronation

The consensus opinion was that the viral clip was a sweet and charming look at the normally private family, but royal pundit Sarah Vine declared it to be a “manipulative” move.

Royal Family News: The Wales Accused of Being Superficial

Vine wrote of the video: “It’s superficial, one-dimensional, like one of those adverts you see on TV in foreign hotels extolling the virtues of this or that tourist destination. I hate to say it, but I’d almost rather watch one of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s worthy wildlife docs.” In case you didn’t know, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are Harry and Meghan Markle, the royal runaways who some say are insanely jealous of William and Kate.

The clip was filmed before the Wales family left for the Abbey, showing that they were indeed late, as they were supposed to arrive before the king and queen with Charles’ expected to be the last person to enter the church, and not William and Kate.

Royal Family News: Kate And William Sabotage?

Interestingly enough, Princess Kate is thought by some to be “calling the shots” according to MSN. But in the end, Vine admitted “maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this is exactly what everyone wants to see – the Princess of Wales up close in slow motion, from as many different angles as possible.” Meow.

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  1. Vicky says

    Camilla has no place in the royal family. Nor does Charles. Prince William should have been King bottom line

  2. Catherine Nash says

    I do not feel Prince Harry is that way at all. He is very down to earth. It is a shame his family does not want to work things out with him and Maggin
    After all he is a Prince. A son and a brother. I was apauled that he was not able to wear his uniform at the funeral when he walked behind the queen. And not be dress in ceremony dress at his dad to be King coronation. Family is Family. And personally I think he would make a much better King then his his brother William. And the way they have treated Maggi shameful. she is the love of his life and he is her love of her life too. And to think of the two grandchildren Archie and Lizabeth. They need to know there family treat them like family and be loved. Forget your bias love one another life is to short. So you don’t regret it later.

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