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Royal Family News: Prince William Plans To Give Prince Harry The Silent Treatment At The Coronation

Well, this certainly sounds very mature, now does it? There’s a new report that says Prince William is going to give his brother Prince Harry the silent treatment when he sees him in London next month.

That’s because the Prince of Wales supposedly remains irate at his little brother for all of the things he’s said about him in his book, Spare. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News – Prince William Plans To Give Prince Harry The Silent Treatment At The Coronation

According to Dan Wootton of the Daily Mail, he says that there are absolutely no plans for William to reach out to Harry in the hopes that they can put their royal feud behind them.

In fact, it seems like William might never forgive Harry for the way that he’s managed to humiliate him and the rest of the royal family by throwing them all under the bus in the way that he has these last several months.

Royal Family News: Prince William Plans To Give Prince Harry The Silent Treatment At The Coronation

Wootton puts it this way in his latest column, “On his upcoming solo visit for the Coronation, Harry will be subjected to his older brother’s brutal silent treatment. There will be no reconciliation talks; certainly not the public or private apology Harry and Meghan were laughably demanding up until just a few weeks ago.”

Royal Family News: – What’s Next For Harry?

Wootoon, who seems to have Prince William on speed dial, also goes on to say that the Prince of Wales doesn’t want anything to do with Harry now or ever, for that matter.

He puts it this way, “Understandably, he remains irate about Harry’s behaviour the past three years, but especially since the death of the late Queen seven months ago, as the Sussexes used their anti-Commonwealth Netflix series and publication of spiteful autobiography Spare to cause maximum damage to the British monarchy during some of its darkest hours.”

So far Prince Harry himself has not made any comments about the criticism but it’s also unlikely that he will at this point. Now, whether or not William will give his brother the silent treatment remains to be seen.

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  1. Helena Jenkin says

    If William is going to be so childish and show he is the not the better man and speak to Harry when they meet then he is not the next king every one thought he would become.Harry have said and wrote about a lot of things some true some may not,but some things should never be said to a child by his father,Also wasn’t you against your father marring who he did.Show you are a man welcome your rother with open arms one day you might need him as he need you at this time.And tell your father Harry’s pLace is on the BALCONY WITH HIS FAMILY.IF HARRY NOT THERE NOR SHOULD CHARLES

    1. Sherian McLaughlin says

      Wonder how you would feel if someone attacked you the way Harry did to his family, write a book, go on national TV, do a silly TV series and tell LIES after LIES again and again and attack your wife and children…….put yourself in the other person’s shoes and see what it feels like…..

      1. Joan says

        I agree 100% with Prince William. He’s right. So is his wife. Harry is wrong and I hope he eventually sees that. Meghan needs to GO AWAY. She is the culprit of all of this disharmony

    2. Linda says

      I don’t blame him. Anything he says will end up in the next book, next interview and tv . So Bravo Prince William. Harry deserves nothing from any of them.

  2. Donna nicholes says

    Leave William alone. He’s done with Harry. Never really got along w/him. And, now that Harry’s attacked him and toyal family over and over for monetary gain, he likes him less and is done talking with him. Totally understandable. Why do people behind these articles find this so unbelievable? Makes total sense. He’s done. Believe most reasonable people would be done. Enough already. Harry- go off – live your life, make money another way other than at the expense of the royal family. Good by- Good luck.
    Charles, you look pathetic with your overtures regarding Harry. They turn your good will against you and to their advantage. They play you over and over keeping themselves in the news. Leave it. Move on. Lay down law- keep communication private or no communication. It’s only option w/this couple- heartless narcissists.

    1. Sherian McLaughlin says

      Agree 1,000% with your comment!

  3. Karyn says

    Why do we call him “Prince” Harry? He gave all of that up when he turned his back on his family, his birth right, and his country!! He shouldn’t have it both ways!!! Either he’s in, or he’s out! After all he has said and done, he really should be OUT!!!!

    1. Sherian McLaughlin says

      Get rid of the Sussex’s titles as the Prince title is a birthright yet I am totally agreeing with your comment.

  4. APB says

    Well, it seems clear that Prince William is like King Tampon, and Prince Harry is like Princess Diana.
    “Don’t complain, don’t explain” is fine if your own behaviour is above reproach, which seems doubtful.
    I feel that Prince Harry was not given any help to deal with the loss of his mother at such a young age, any more than she was given any support in dealing with her husband’s blatant infidelity.
    If Prince Harry is a persona non grata with the royals, so was his mother. That is why he broke free, after seeing how cruel the press was to his wife.
    With all the days available, why was the coronation scheduled on Archie’s birthday? So thoughtless.
    How interesting that David, the Nazi-lover, chose his beloved over his realm. Princess Margaret and Charles did not. Camilla was “unsuitable” because of her loose morals lifestyle. Now she will be Queen?
    Queen Elizabeth gave Frogmore to Harry, but now he has been ordered to vacate…for Andrew, the pervert? Fergie is not invited, but she is the mother of two princesses. How rude.
    I don’t know how the public puts up with these parasites.

  5. Dolly mac says

    I don’t blame William. What his brother did to the family. All for money. He has lost all family consideration and the family has not lost anything of value.

  6. GapGirl says

    William is a spoiled child and when he becomes king he will be a tyrant. Mark my words. As far as Harry he will not be in London long. He will leave as soon as he leaves the coronation. He has moved on. He will want to get back to his wife and children

    1. Joan says

      Until she’s finds her next rich idiot who thinks she’s a nice person

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