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Royal Family News: Warring Generations Are Destroying The Royal Family From WIthin

The Royal Family British royal family news reveals that the CEO of the Republic thinks the United Kingdom’s opinion of the monarchy is divided more than ever before in light of recent generational rifts. Republic is a group dedicated to abolishing the monarchy and replacing Queen Elizabeth with an elected, democratic head of state.

Royal Family News – Republic Wants To Abolish The Monarchy

Graham Smith told that in the aftermath of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s shameless airing of dirty royal laundry to Oprah Winfrey, the Royal Family has become a polarizing issue.

He said, “If nothing else I am always told that the monarchy unites the country. But it has become a deeply divisive issue more so than ever before, as we are seeing from the polls the country is divided on every question there is on the monarchy. Usually divided according to age and so on.”

Royal Family News – Are Warring Generations Destroying the Royal Family?

He added, “There has been a big shift in polling but it is too early to see whether that is going to last.”
Before the jaw-dropping tell-all, republicanism in the UK was polled at around 20 percent.

But royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams does not agree with Republic’s campaign to abolish the monarchy. Fitzwillaims told, “This is not an accurate summary of the current standing of the royal family, which according to YouGov is roughly where it has usually been, with only around 20 percent for republicanism, which is its usual level of support.”

A March 2021 poll revealed that the British public did not approve of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s shameless tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey.

But their friend Omid Scobie said during his HeirPod podcast that the results of the UK poll mirrored the public push back against some of the claims made by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry against the Royal Family.

Royal Family News – Should The Monarchy Be Abolished?

Scobie Doo said, “We certainly saw with a YouGov direct poll with 2,000-3,000 adults, they found that 40 percent of Americans believed it was appropriate to take part in the interview and be that candid.”
“The remaining figure was the majority of people saying I don’t care and then others saying it was inappropriate. “This is very different from the UK where 47 percent of those polled said that it was inappropriate for the couple to share their story despite what had come out from the interview.”

Sobie Doo deduced, “I guess this kind of mirrors the public push back we have seen against what are some very big claims against the Royal Family. Many people seemingly want to bury their heads in the sand and hope that it goes away. I imagine that certain family members are in the same position as that.”

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  1. Guest says

    I am ashamed of Harry and Meghan – family issues!

  2. M. Payton says

    Totally disgusted with Harry and that selfish she-devil who wants to destroy the monarchy. Shame on them for the walked away with millions and a title and they have the nerve to bad mouth HM and Charles all because the Bank Of Dad cut them off of more millions…..they need to live in poverty and learn to feel with it is like to be poor and without any food for the table.

  3. Guest says

    The monarchy is invincible. after hundreds of years, two juvenile whiners aren't going to take it down.

  4. Jezz says

    Firstly any political figure stating that the monarchy should be abolished and replaced with a democratic elected head of state is just coveting the throne. I say this because the UK already has a priminister, like the US has a president. Therefore if the public no longer wants a monarch they could just have the priminister, there is no need to create a role to replace an unwanted monarch. If you ask me it's just some political parties cooking up a storm because they have their eye on the big chair and some tax money. You can't tell me whoever this elected person is they wouldn't start feathering their nest and how long before their own family drama and scandals enter the arena. Do they think this elected person is going to be the new masiah, free of corruption, greed and scandals…. better the devil you know. If they don't have a monarch they should just stick with a priminister, no stupid inventing an unnecessary position, it's rediculous.

  5. Guest says

    I am proud of Harry and Meghan for showing the world that everyone has issues, including the monarchy. Anyone who thinks they don't is living in fantasy land. Look how Princess Diana was treated, she would be proud of her son for taking a stance and putting his family first. It took a lot of courage for Harry and Meghan to share their truth. I commend them for it. Prince Charles and Camila's had a scandalous relationship and all is forgiven. Harry 's uncle Prince Edward left the monarchy for Wallace Simpson. Harry doesn't need his father's money and lets be clear where Charles's money comes from THE QUEEN and the country!! Get a clue!

  6. Guest says

    As I see it, the Markels should have had all titles removed long ago. As long as they are allowed to represent the Monarchy there will be constant ripping apart of all the good work that has been accomplished by the Queen, Prince Charles and all the other loyal, hard-working royals. Yes, Harry is family but his jealousy of his brother and his expectations of fatherly financial support along with his lies and constant complaints, prove that he is intent on destroying family and monarchy.
    Meagan is expert at destroying people. She will not stop until she is legally forced to stop. It is difficult when it is family, but the monarchy must come first if it is to survive. If the Queen hesitates any longer will Parliament or some government entity take action to strip the titles, including the Dukedom? If someone does not take action to legally stop the Markles, the beloved institution will be destroyed. And what a shame that would be. It would be a great loss for the United Kingdom and the world. Please someone. Do something to legally prevent the Markels. They can be stopped but it would mean that the family must treat Harry like the middle-aged man he is instead of a spoiled child who lost his mother. Harry is not the only person who lost his mother. If Harry truly cared about his mother, he would act in a manner that would make a mother proud. Instead he is doing every thing within his power to destroy his brothers current and future. Why is he being allowed?

  7. Guest says

    Meghan Markle should be muzzled, and keep her comments about Harry's family to herself. She has stirred up a lot of trouble, for a lot of people. Meghan failed miserably as a member of The Royal Family, and she was given all kinds of opportunity. From what we are now seeing about Meghan, we know that she would fail miserable in anybody's family if all those concerned did not "bow down and worship at the altar of Meghan"!!! She has beguiled Harry and forced her common behaviours and beliefs on him, and stirred the embers of painful memories he had since dealt with. Meghan's NPD, will lead her to keep chipping away at any relationship that she cannot control, in an effort to destroy it… a spoiled child who is jealous of another child's toy which it can't have and so seeks to destroy that toy. People like the Meghan Markle's of this world, are dangerous and this woman is out to destroy anything in her wake the she can't control…… is a colossal shame, that she has been given any sort of "place" at all……but noteworthy is the fact that without Harry, she would lose most of her celebrity. No one had even heard of her before she married Harry. Without Harry is the best place to begin "the dismantling of Meghan"!!!!!. Harry you are such a fool!!!!

  8. Phurry15 says

    What do I think? I think England needs to take a good look at America and ask themselves do they want the problems they have? If they dissolve the Monarchy and go to a republicanism then they will regret it. They better hold their Royal family as high and honorable as possible. Let the Markle's deal with the American government for several years then maybe they will come to their senses. They need to strip everything from Harry and Meghan and let them live their own miserable life. She is a liar and fake and I am embarrassed for him that he fell for such a woman.

  9. Guest says

    I say Markle is a troublemaker and Harry is a son who lost his mother very young and is still seeking a mother. He found one in Megan. They did not quietly slither away like the downer king and his wife of many. They came to the US because of the paparazzi and yet the phone don’t live a quiet life and think the royal family should protect them here. Megan chose to shoot off her mouth and now let her live with the anger and results. They can live off what she earns, if she can find a following again! And Harry, he can now cater to Megan’s whims instead of the monarchy’s. God save the Queen!

  10. Guest says

    Totally agree. Harry flitted around being a spoiled childlike another who was second in line at one time, prince Andrew. Harry’s behavior in places like Vegas showed how spoiled he was. Andrew was worse in being around Epstein. Even Princess Margaret showed the trait and anger of a second born! Spoiled might-have-beers who were not to be the head of the Monarchy and were angry!

  11. Guest says

    Megan needs to be legally gagged and Harry with her. Spoiled and Resentful brats, destroying everthing that is in their path!

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