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Will Prince Harry’s Netflix Deal Survive Macabre Recreation Of Diana’s Death On ‘The Crown’?

Royal Family news and updates reveal that Prince Harry might soon face increasing pressure to leave Netflix after the streamer made a ghoulish prop version of Diana’s wrecked car. Continue reading and we’ll spill the Earl Grey.

Royal Family News: A Ghoulish Display

Royal Family news and updates reveal that, according to the Daily Beast, Prince Harry is likely in for some fresh criticism over his work with Netflix, after producers for the show “The Crown” created a macabre, post-crash replica of the car his mother, Princess Diana was riding in when she was killed on that fateful day in Paris.

The Daily Mail revealed pictures of the wrecked vehicle on Monday that were covertly snapped on set at London’s Elstree Studios.

The images reveal a crushed and badly mangled car with its roof gone. The mockup was reportedly taken to Paris and used for filming sequences where investigators examined the car crash. This isn’t the first time that Netflix has taken flak for its recreation of the time leading up to the crash in that Paris underpass.

Will Prince Harry’s Netflix Deal Survive Macabre Recreation Of Diana’s Death On ‘The Crown’?

Will ‘The Crown’ Make Matters Worse for Prince Harry?

It’s worth noting that, while the streaming giant vowed not to show the “exact moment of the crash,” a source for the Mail spoke of the new prop, saying, “I think a lot of people will find it quite sick that they went into such detail to recreate how the car was smashed up. I think it’s going to cause a lot of upset with the Royal Family. If it was any other family, I’m not sure they’d do it.”

The likelihood of such detail around Diana’s death will likely fuel those who have accused the Duke of Sussex of hypocrisy for taking an alleged sum of more than $100 million from Netflix while, at the same time, complaining that the media has invaded the privacy of his own family. Some have accused the streaming platform of turning his family’s darkest moments into entertainment for the masses.

The crash is expected to feature in the sixth and final episode of the series, due out later this year. It will reportedly see Elizabeth Debicki playing Diana in her final hours. Netflix has continued to avoid adding a statement indicating that the show is fictional.

Prince Harry Defends Netflix’s ‘The Crown’

Prince Harry, for his part, defended “The Crown” to talk show host James Corden, claiming, “It’s fictional. But it’s loosely based on the truth. Of course, it’s not strictly accurate.” He went on to say the show gave a “rough idea” of the pressures of “putting duty and service above family and everything else.”

He continued: “I am way more comfortable with The Crown than I am seeing stories written about my family or my wife. It is obviously fiction, take it how you will. But [his life] is being reported on as fact because you’re supposedly news. I have a real issue with that.”

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