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Is The View Whoopi Goldberg Getting Fired?

The View fans want to know if Whoopi Goldberg will get fired. The moderator was previously on the chopping block for her insensitive comments about the Jewish community.

She has rubbed people the wrong way with many controversial comments on other topics. Some fans think she should leave the daytime talk show. Keep on reading to learn more.

The View – What’s Happening With Whoopi Goldberg?

There are questions about Whoopi Goldberg’s status with The View. Rumors have been swirling once again.

Some viewers noticed the way she treated her fellow panelists and the guests on the show. Sometimes, Whoopi calls the shots and tries to shut down production.

Is The View Whoopi Goldberg Getting Fired?

The user Ok_Tumbleweed5040 posted on Reddit: “So…. Is Whoopi Goldberg getting fired? Lots of rumors swirling. What are your thoughts?”

The original poster noted they would be okay with Whoopi leaving The View. They argued that she acts condescending toward other people. During the heavy political debates, the comedian shuts someone down and doesn’t let them share their opinion.

The fan questioned Whoopi for why she gets easily triggered. Other fans of The View took to the thread to share their thoughts.

“The show has consistently had the highest number of viewers compared to any other daytime talk show this year. Brian Teta the exec producer also said they currently have one of the best panels they’ve ever had. ABC ain’t gonna miss with this winning formula,” one fan argued.

“I doubt they’d ever fire her. She’s probably the reason some of the higher-tier celebrities agree to appear on the show. Like her or not, she’s an icon,” another fan wrote.

The View – Whoopi Goldberg’s Contract Revealed

New details have emerged about Whoopi Goldberg’s contract with The View. She signed a four-year contract that has her on the show until 2025. It doesn’t appear that she’s going anywhere, anytime soon.

Other fans called out the rumors. One simply argued: “There are no rumors this is bullsh*t lmao.” Another noted: “Don’t fabricate rumors because it’s what you want. If that’s what you want just say that.”

Viewers noticed that Whoopi would get bored during some of the topics. She checks out when they discuss dating, celebrity gossip, and infidelity. She prefers to speak on more serious matters.

Because of that, fans of the show would love to see her leave. They also noticed that she was not as interested in her job.

What are your thoughts on the rumors about Whoopi Goldberg getting fired? Do you think she’ll ever leave The View? Sound off below in the comment section.

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