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New NCIS Spinoff Set To Premiere This Fall

NCIS spoilers, news, and updates tease that a new spinoff is to be released this year. CBS announced that the new spinoff, NCIS: Sydney, will premiere this fall.

A lot of NCIS universe fans were devastated as their favorite series were delayed due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA and WGA strike actions.

For one, NCIS mothership and NCIS: Hawai’i, which were taking the 9 PM and 10 PM slots respectively, will be delayed. And now, the international spinoff Sydney will take the 10 PM slot on CBS starting on its premiere on November 13.

New NCIS Spinoff Set To Premiere This Fall

Whether or not this is a strategy to divert the ongoing delays since the strike actions really don’t affect most production overseas, we think it is refreshing to see a spinoff such as this one.

However, it was reportedly commissioned by Paramount+ Australia last year. And it is really a good timing for it to be premiered this year because of the production crisis due to artists and writers’ strikes.

Due to delays, CBS has been airing repeats of NCIS Hawai’i. And with the new spinoff, fans may not feel the separation anxiety with their favorite NCIS shows.

The first international spinoff

This is the first of its kind when it comes to the NCIS universe. This is the first time that a spinoff went out of the US.

It will air on Paramount+ Australia on November 10, and as mentioned, it will premier on November 13 on CBS.

The new spinoff was created and produced by Morgan O’Neill. He previously produced Les Norton which is a mini-series.

He was previously acting and appeared in Supernova, Sea Patrol, and Cleaners.

This new spinoff is quite unique because it is the first one to not be set in the United States. And it’s set thousands of miles away on a different continent down under.

The spinoff revolves around the international conflicts in the Indo-Pacific, where the U.S. NCIS agents and Australian Federal Police will be involved.

It would be a multi-national task force to maintain the peace despite the ongoing tensions.

The top cast of NCIS: Sydney are Olivia Swann (as NCIS Special Agent Michelle Mackey), Todd Lasance (as AFP counterpart Sergeant Jim ‘JD’ Dempsey), William McInnes (as AFP Forensic Pathologist Dr. Roy Penrose), Sean Sagar (as NCIS Special Agent DeShawn Jackson), and Tuuli Narkle (as AFP Liaison Officer Constable Evie Cooper), among others.

We are excited to see how the US and Australian casts complement each other and how this cultural difference may be reflected in the drama itself.

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