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Which Popular The Good Doctor Season 2 Star Returns For Season 7?

The Good Doctor season 7
Chuku Modu returns as Dr. Jared Kalu in The Good Doctor [Image @thegooddotorabc/Instagram]

As fans await season 7 of The Good Doctor, several cast changes have been made. However, while some stars are leaving the ABC medical drama, one popular cast member will return as a series regular. Read on to find out more about the return of Chuku Modu as Dr. Jared Kalu.

Major The Good Doctor cast member returns for season 7

Chuku Modu is coming back to the small screen as Dr. Jared Kalu according to a recent report by TVLine. He will once again be a series regular in the upcoming season 7 of The Good Doctor.

One of the original cast members, Modu’s character was written out after the season 2 premiere. At that time, the show revealed that Dr. Kalu had left for Denver to continue his residency after he lost his job for assaulting a surgical attending.

Chuku Modu as Dr. Jared Kalu
Chuku Modu returns as Dr. Jared Kalu [Image @chuksta/Instagram]

Fans will recall that Modu made a surprise return halfway through season 6 after it was revealed that Jared had become a concierge doctor. Dr. Kalu agreed to restart the residency program as a first year and was working under Dr. Shaun Murphy.

While his appearance was relatively brief, this did give fans hope of him returning as a series regular. Now, the good news is that he is definitely back in season 7.

Who is leaving the ABC medical drama?

The good news of Modu’s return comes in the wake of an announcement that Hill Harper is leaving the medical drama. Back in November, it was revealed that the long-term cast member who played Dr. Marcus Andrews was leaving the hospital ahead of season 7 over his bid for the US Senate.

Meanwhile, the show did give Harper an easy exit in the sixth season where fans saw his character resigning at the St. Bonaventure president. Meanwhile, fans also saw Brandon Larracuente’s character, Dr. Danny Perez leave in the finale of season 6.

Moreover, other changes are in the works for The Good Doctor. The show is leaving Monday nights and will air on Tuesdays, where it will pair with Will Trent and The Rookie. In other news, due to the WGA writers’ and SAG-AFTRA actors’ strike, season 7 will only see 10 episodes, which is the least of any other season.

However, despite these major changes, there is plenty to look forward to in season 7, including Shaun and Lea as parents.

When does The Good Doctor season 7 premiere?

Readers can see Dr. Jared Kalu’s return after four years in the season 7 premiere of The Good Doctor that airs on Tuesday, February 20, 2024, at 10 pm ET on ABC. For those wanting to do a catch-up, all six of the seasons are currently streaming on Hulu, while new season 7 episodes will be available on the streamer the day after they air on ABC.

Readers, are you excited that Dr. Jared Kalu return to St. Bonaventure to restart his residency? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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