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Whoopi Goldberg Irks Fans With Deadly Situation?

The View spoilers reveal that Whoopi Goldberg irked fans with a deadly situation. She was called out for her repeated “gross” behavior on live television. Some fans feared the worst when she did it again. Keep on reading to learn more.

The View Spoilers – Whoopi Goldberg’s Bad Habit Exposed

According to The View spoilers, Whoopi Goldberg’s bad habit was exposed. She struggled to close her mouth during the talk show.

Food Network star Chef Carla Hall stopped by to talk about bite-sized meals for Thanksgiving Day. The set was decorated with festive decorations.

Whoopi Goldberg Irks Fans With Deadly Situation?

The panelists also tried some of the treats at their table. Carla cooked them some of the holiday meals that she mentioned.

Some of the dishes in the lineup include butternut squash arancini and cheese sandwiches with a side of kale pesto sauce. Since Carla doesn’t drink, she included the non-alcoholic apple cider Cosmo drink.

The View spoilers revealed that Whoopi Goldberg had a hard time keeping her mouth shut during the live segment.

Even though she was busy eating, she still couldn’t stop talking. Throughout the segment, she spoke after taking a few bites. Her mouth was still full of food every time she spoke.

The View Spoilers – Whoopi Goldberg’s Deadly Situation

According to The View spoilers, Whoop Goldberg caused a deadly situation that irked fans. Many of them took to X to react to the live episode. One fan wrote: “Good Morning, Fam! I guess Whoopi’s gonna be talking with food in her mouth for an hour.”

Another user commented: “#Whoopi and food on set are a deadly situation.” A third user complained: “I just told my mom that she was chowing down!!!”

The View spoilers suggest this behavior irritated fans. One user simply called the moderator “a mess.” She couldn’t stop talking with food in her mouth. They called her bad habit “gross” and “rude.”

This isn’t the first time that Whoopi Goldberg was called out for talking while chewing. Earlier this year, fans slammed her for eating on air. This time, they couldn’t stand the noises that came out of her mouth. They could hear her chew since she had her earpiece situated next to her lips.

What are your thoughts on Whoopi Goldberg irking fans with a deadly situation?

Do you agree that she shouldn’t eat and talk at the same time? Do you think it’s gross when people do it? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Donna says

    They are all gross and that show should be canceled

  2. Evelyn Estey says

    I think you should stop picking on Whoopi. She is naturally herself. She has wisdom, a sense of humor and a good heart and talent. Her antics are fun. I personally adore her.

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