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Young and the Restless Spoilers for Thursday January 3: Nikki Makes Shocking Announcement, Reed Confesses All, Victoria Shuts Down Billy

Young and the Restless Spoilers for Thursday January 3: Nikki Makes Shocking Announcement, Reed Confesses All, Victoria Shuts Down BillyThe Young and the Restless (Y&R) begins with Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Victoria (Amelia Heinle) happy to see Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) is improving. She says she is feeling better that Victor (Eric Braeden) is safe and sound, and the only reason they hid what was happening is to keep them safe from the police.

Nick informs her that Christine (Lauralee Bell) has dropped the kidnapping charges against Nick, Victor and Nate (Brooks Darnell); but quickly learns Victor has been arrested for JT’s (Thad Luckinbill) murder.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Jill Visits Cane

Jill (Jess Walton) comes to see Cane (Daniel Goddard), where she reveals her and Colin (Tristan Rogers) are taking a break from each other; admitting Colin is extremely infuriating at time and she is looking for someone who is rock solid and someone she can lean on. Jill praises Cane and how Lily (Christel Khalil) got so lucky being with him; he feels he is more like Colin than she thinks.

Billy (Jason Thompson) stops Reed (Tristan Lake Leabu) before he leaves for a run, wanting to talk about him avoiding Victoria because she is defending Victor. He wants to defend his father the same way, hoping Victor isn’t guilty, but his actions made him look really bad and he almost wished he stayed gone. Billy reveals Victor came back because of Nikki’s accident and he knows Reed is the one who hit her and ran.

Nikki is furious, demanding to speak to Victor saying someone is harassing them with all this supposed evidence and doesn’t understand how Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) is not out looking for the real killer and the one who left her at the side of the road to die. Nick says his feelings for Nikki will make him help his dad, as long as she stays put. Victoria stays with Nikki, but when she pushes Nikki tells her to go with Nick and whatever she needs to say can’t be more important than that right now.

Cane explains he is a disappointment and nothing without her. He feels Lily deserves better, but when Jill asks for an explanation he asks her to leave it at that. Reed and Billy confide in each other as Reed said Billy isn’t the one who killed Delia, even though he feels just as guilty and no one can convince him otherwise. Reed feels bad and ashamed for what he did to Nikki and her mother, that is why he can’t be around her right now. Billy reminds him there is nothing he could do that would make Victoria turn her back on him, and as for Victor they need to wait for all the facts before they start to judge.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Victor Turns Down Nick’s Help

Victoria chastises Nick, saying his suspicions are doing to Victor. He reminds her he is there for Nikki’s sake and to help him with his legal defense only; but when Victor arrives he doesn’t want Nick’s help at all. He is glad he got to be able to be by Nikki’s side again but doesn’t want to call Michael (Christian LeBlanc) since this is all a farce and Christine only has circumstantial evidence.

Nick tells him how truly bad it looks and they need to find a way to counter the narrative. Victoria stands by Nick, saying the family is united but Victor knows Nick believes Victor might have killed JT; Victoria reveals her undying support but asks Victoria to leave so he can speak to Nick in private. Victor demands total honesty, wondering if Nick killed JT, who is offended his dad would actually ask him that. Victor feels Nick has motive and the means to set Victor up; reminding him that he impersonated JT probably believing he was already dead. Victor thinks Nick believes that he wouldn’t put Nikki through that.

Jill presses and Cane says there are several small things, admitting he hasn’t been very present in the kids’ lives, missed her calls and visited her only once in prison. Jill reminds him that everyone makes mistakes, but the kids and Lily will remember he loves them, always stepped up and did his best. She says his kids will make mistakes too, but wonders if he wants them to beat themselves up from them or learn from them and tells him to set a better example. He tells her that he now knows exactly what he has to do next.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Victoria Shuts Down Billy

Billy is busy making dinner when Victoria returns. She just wishes Reed would talk to her and Billy says he told Reed as much. She thanks him for being there for her and the kids and he brings up their kiss, but doesn’t want her to think he is taking advantage of the situation. She says it took them both by surprise. He doesn’t want to forget about it, as he feels there is something going on between them and her silence explains it all. She believes their timing is horrible and maybe these feelings are being triggered by other things. She points out that they don’t want to get the kids’ hopes up, agreeing for them to get together later. He throws the apron at her and says, “goodbye for now!”

Cane comes to talk to Victoria, who is worried it was about the “non kiss”. Cane feels both Reed and Charlie should come forward as the pressure is too great on the kids; Victoria agrees that this could help them free themselves. Reed walks in, Victoria tells him to shower and change as they are going to see Nikki.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Jill Supports Villy

Jill visits Billy, saying it is a new year with new beginnings. Billy admits work is surprisingly cool, even though him and Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) worked together. They make a dynamic team at work. She is shocked to learn Phyllis is back with Nick, she mocks him about it. She is excited, hoping Billy is spending more time with Victoria.

Nick and Victor talk about the Newmans being a target, but he promises to look out for Nikki. Victor needs him to look at who is framing them, and to look hard at the ranch. They are interrupted when Victor is escorted back to his cell. Meanwhile, Cane comes to see Nikki, happy to see she is doing better. Victoria arrives with Charlie and Reed; Nikki is happy to see them but Reed says they both have something to tell her. They confess what happened, with Victoria and Cane standing behind them.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Reed Confesses To Nikki

Nikki asks Reed if he was drinking that night and he wasn’t. Cane reveals that agreement they came to is Nikki has to deem what is the appropriate punishment. Nikki confesses that she had been drinking that night, even though she tries not to but she had been drinking alcohol lately. She stepped off that curb without looking and no matter what, they were not at fault for hitting her.

She tells them to stop blaming themselves, feeling she should have never put them in that position in the first place; asking for her forgiveness. She tells Charlie and Reed that she already forgives them. She tells them as a grandmother, she doesn’t dish out consequences. Nikki asks Cane to not blame the boys as he takes them home and Victoria stays with Nikki. Victoria tells Reed she is proud of him.

Billy and Jill talk about the kids and how Jill jokes about how the weather even conspired to keep him and Billy together over the holidays. Jill says she hasn’t seen Billy this happy in years; taunting him that she would have a bumper sticker for Team Billy and Victoria. She talks about how much he is just like his dad John. She hopes he is too smart to let Victoria get away from him again.

Charlie says he understands now how Lily felt before she confessed; both glad that Nikki didn’t want them to go to GCPD. Cane says Charlie can keep his driver’s license but can’t drive for the rest of the school year. Cane gives him a strict curfew but reiterates how clear they are on all of this. Victoria thanks her mother for being so great with the boys. She also is banning Reed’s driver’s license for another year, admitting how both boys were terrified about telling her.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Nikki Announces She’s Going To Confess All To Police

Nikki reminds her how much it takes a toll to keep a horrible secret. Victoria says it has been 9 months since JT died and they can’t seal something up that is that toxic. They both fret about Victor being in jail, but Nikki says she will not let this destroy them or the people they love any longer and it has to end with her telling the police that she is the one who killed JT. Victoria begs her not to.

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