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Young and the Restless Spoilers Wednesday, December 5: Victor Newman Prime Suspect In J.T.’s Death – Rey Reveals Shocking New Evidence

Young and the Restless Spoilers Wednesday, December 5: Victor Newman Prime Suspect In J.T.'s Death - Rey Reveals Shocking New EvidenceYoung and the Restless (Y&R) begins with Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) continue to talk about Victor (Eric Braeden) and the arson at the ranch; suddenly Nikki gets a call from Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) who has some questions for both of them, wanting her and her daughter to come to the GCPD for questioning.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Rey Has Evidence On Nick

Rey goes to the interrogation room, where Nick (Joshua Morrow) is standing. He reveals that he has some newly discovered evidence that would have given Nick some motives for setting the stables on fire.

Nate (Brooks Darnell) and Ana (Loren Lott) talk, as she reveals Devon (Bryton James) has agreed to meet with Dr. Charles. Devon walks the floor, saying he came to the appointment only because his family insisted; appreciating if they would back off a little bit. Devon sits down, revealing he’s had a difficult year but nothing he can’t handle as everyone has issues.

Phyllis And Billy Bicker On Y&R

Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) and Billy (Jason Thompson) bicker about their pitch for Rebeckah Barlow; she suggests if they can’t put their personal history aside he can stay out of it, both drink they coffee and agree to get through the meeting.

Nate sees Ana preparing for Devon’s meeting with Rebekah Barlow for later that afternoon. Nate remembers that Lily (Christel Khalil) was the one who landed the deal as Ana proudly tells him Devon is sealing the deal. They both know Devon has a lot on his plate, especially dealing with projects that have Lily’s names on them. Nate isn’t so sure Devon will be able to hold this down with Neil (Kristoff St. John) being out of town too.

Devon reveals that he lost his wife, Hilary (Mishael Morgan) and their unborn child. It has been hell, he is barely sleeping and helpless. He can’t focus on anything because he thinks about what he had and what could have been. He never knew his heart would hurt this much; its just so much that there are times he wishes he was with her. He won’t lie as he hasn’t thought about hurting himself but stops himself for many reasons.

He knows Hilary wouldn’t want him to shut down, so he’s been going through the motions but nothing he does feels normal. He wonders if there is a blue print he should be following since people always seem to be trying to run his life. He describes Hilary as his everything, not used to talking to her in the past tense. He explains how Hilary died and how Nate doesn’t understand how seeing his face is so difficult for him.

Young And Restless Spoilers – Devon Opens Up About Hilary

He admits he is angry with Nate and hasn’t forgiven Lily because she gets to grow old with her husband and watch her children grow up, but left Devon with nothing. He talks about how he didn’t handle Thanksgiving well and his family doesn’t understand how he couldn’t hold it together for Lily; and they got concerned when he had a party, had too much to drink and needed to let loose; the doctor says its a natural impulse to avoid what causes pain.

Nikki and Victoria join Nick in the room, where Rey asks them about enemies and disgruntled employees as they all see the new evidence Rey found is a gun. Nick is furious that he would accuse them for leaving a gun where their children play and ride the horses.

All 3 are frustrated as Victoria suggests the gun probably belongs to the person who started the fire; but Rey says they are leaning towards another possibility. Nick tells him to share before they get their lawyers in.

Phyllis and Billy meet Rebekah at GCAC. Billy jumps right to the point, as Phyllis explains why she should partner with them on Jaboutiques. They give her a fantastic pitch.

Devon says when he sleeps, its nightmares about Hilary being alive and still with him, but when he wakes up reality hits him and those are good nights; bad nights he doesn’t sleep at all, thinking about “what ifs”. Devon feels he let Hilary down, talking about letting Shauna (Camryn Hamm) down when Cane (Daniel Goddard) felt it was best for her to move back home.

The doctor feels like Devon lost another child and tie to Hilary. Devon says it’s not, because he got a great family after being in the fostercare system and he literally had everything, and just like that everything was gone off of one reckless decision. He’s not a husband, not a father and he lost his sister. The doctor asks what other roles define who he is. Devon also doubts himself as he has been through too much hell and maybe can’t even make music ever again.

They both agree that alcohol isn’t the answer and suggests seeing him every few weeks and prescriptions but Devon tells him there is no way he will take pills. He reveals his mother was a drug addict and Neil is in AA, so in the music industry he is around people who use so he swore he would never be. He reassures Devon it is a short term solution and will be monitored closely and reminded that taking meds is not a sign of weakness; being exactly the same as someone who is diabetic or asthmatic who needs medication. Devon agrees to take it day by day; but as long as this stays inside the room.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Rey’s Shocking New Evidence

Nick calls Rey pathetic, saying he is so set on pinning JT’s death on them, he would use any excuse to bring them in to interrogate them; bending the facts to fit his theory. Nick leaves, suggesting if Rey wants him to come get him and tells his sister and mother to not say another word until their attorney is present. They are about to walk out when Rey produces a bloody Oxford shirt, asking if it looks familiar to either of them. Victoria suggests they use forensic testing as Rey says they did and he has interesting results.

Rebekah says they are exactly what she is looking for in a partnership; but she isn’t quite ready to make any decisions. They are on her short list but loves their energy. Billy leaves and Rebekah spots Nick, who Phyllis reveals he is the CEO of Dark Horse. She wants to meet him about interior designs as it could help make her final decision. Billy returns as Phyllis tells him they are on the “inside track.”

Devon finds Nate and Ana together. Nate tells him asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Ana gives Devon the file for his meeting with Rebekah, which completely slipped Devon’s mind, but he insists he’s got it. Devon tells Nate to give a polite hello to Rebekah and to get back to his own life.

Rebekah sits with Devon who says hello from another one of his musicians; giving her a thumb drive with some music. Rebekah is frustrated, saying she isn’t about to sign off on a multi million dollar deal with she can’t meet with Renee. She says she is tired of people like Devon who are a complete waste of her time.

Billy and Phyllis celebrate on being a great team and one hell of a pitch. Meanwhile, Victoria and Nikki want the benefit of the doubt. Rey says the gun is registered to Victor Newman and its only his finger prints on the weapon; both are sure there is a logical explanation. Rey reveals the blood on the shirt is JT’s.

Phyllis relaxes at home with Nick, offering him a drink to unwind. He says there is no information about the stable fires and there was a gun discovered. Phyllis butters Nick up, telling her to skip the fun and telling her to just ask him. He’s shocked to learn she wants him to go on a date with another woman.

Devon tries to salvage the meeting with Rebekah, but she feels insulted Renee isn’t there. Ana talks to Rebekah, knowing how important it is for her to pick the right woman to represent her brand. While she is speaking, Devon begins to grab his chest, having difficulty breathing and shaking severely. Rebekah and Ana are too busy talking when he drops his bottle of water; he doesn’t respond when Ana repeatedly calls his name.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Victor Named Prime Suspect In JT Death

Nikki says its impossible to be JT’s blood as Victoria feels he planted the evidence. Nikki says it doesn’t make sense because if a gun and bloody shirt was at the stables, someone who worked there would have seen it and reported it long before the fire. If the shirt was in the fire, it would have been damaged. Rey says the bloody shirt and possible murder weapon were on Newman property and now Victor Newman is the prime suspect in the murder of JT Hellstrom!

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