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V.C. Andrews’ Dawn Season 2 – Darkest Hour, Here Is What We Know!

The Cutler Family series covers nearly 80 years of the Cutler family’s history filled with loads of drama, twists, and turns. The first three books, Dawn, Secrets of the Morning and Twilight’s Child follow Dawn from her childhood, getting ripped from the only family she knew, then thrust to live with the Cutler family and an evil step-grandmother, to her marriage, and then her return to the family business, a hotel, where she is now the owner.

V.C. Andrews Spoilers – Will There Be A Darkest Hour?

Midnight Whispers is the fourth book and it focuses on Christie, Dawn’s daughter. It begins on Christie’s sixteenth birthday, then a fire, and the loss of her parents – will the Cutler curse ever be broken?

All four books have been adapted to TV and the fans love each and every episode. Now that the four-part season has ended, fans can’t help wondering if the last book, Darkest Hour from 1993, will be ordered and come back for a season 2 of Dawn. Although, last year, Lifetime teased in a press release that The Darkest Hour was “in development.” Certainly, ratings will have a big factor in whether The Darkest Hour comes to Lifetime. The four-part series did air on Saturday nights, so hopefully they got the ratings they were looking for. Whether the fifth installment, Darkest Hour, will air or even a season 2, it is anyone’s guess at this point – it is all about streaming and budgets.

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V.C. Andrews Updates – All About The Darkest Hour?

Darkest Hour is the final book about the Cutler family and it is actually a prequel to Dawn. This one goes back to Dawn’s step-grandmother, Lillian, and covers her childhood and adolescence. Most of Lillian’s story takes place at the Book plantation, “The Meadows,” where she is the middle daughter of a planter known as Captain and a delicate mother who lives in a dream world.

Lillian has an older sister, Emily, who she has a hostile relationship with. Her younger sister, Eugenia, has Cystic Fibrosis. When Lillian is five, Emily tells her that she is not her real sister, Lillian’s real mom and dad died and everything she touches will die. Lillian runs to her mom and reveals what Emily said to her, only to find out that she is actually the daughter of her mother’s sister Violet. Emily also tells Lilian that she brought Satan into the Meadows and that is why Eugenia is sick.

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