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Coronation Street Villain Stephen Reid Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine

Coronation Street spoilers, news, and updates tease that Stephen (played by Todd Boyce) accidentally drugged himself instead of Carla (Alison King). Stephen was planning to lace Carla Barlow’s tea with LSD as revenge for her attitude towards him, especially in front of a former business colleague.

Coronation Street  Spoilers – Stephen Reid Has Been Lacing Her Drink With LSD.

He messed up Carla’s schedule, making her miss an appointment. It also causes Carla to crash the company’s vehicle into Paul Foreman. When she returned, Stephen was not finished.

Stephen tried to drug Carla by adding it to her tea, but then she spat it out and said he used the wrong type of milk in her drink. At this moment, Stephen realized he had given her the wrong cup.

Coronation Street  - Stephen Reid

The laced cup may be his or Sarah’s (played by Tina O’Brien). He wasn’t sure at the time. But then they arrived at the hotel, and as he was about to present, he got dizzy and began sweating. He bailed on the presentation, and he also began reminiscing, probably a side effect of the LSD.

Carla was angry at him for bailing out and leaving Sarah for the presentation, but it seemed like Stephen wanted nothing to do with the deal anymore.

Stephen headed to the precinct to buy more drugs, which was weird, by the way, two men tried to pocket his money. Then he just sees red. Will Stephen eventually unmask himself? Will he show his true colors because he is drugged?

Coronation Street  Spoilers – Stephen Reid Is A Serial killer

Stephen killed Leo Thompkins. And then he made it seem that he had moved to Canada. He then killed Teddy, Leo’s father, after he came to Weatherfield looking for Leo.

Stephen has been in and out of the series since 1997. He has been visiting Weatherfield. But in the recent episodes, Stephen had revealed his true colors. And now that he is unhinged and probably could not control himself because of the drugs, will he reveal himself publicly?

He is not just a killer. He also had a history of embezzling money from his wife Gabrielle’s (played by Helene Maksoud) company to pay off his debts. And he has been trying to make it seem that he’s successful, but he’s not. And now that Carla has been undermining him, it may have gotten into his skin, which could probably make him reveal who he truly is.

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