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EastEnders Spoilers: Linda Carter Busts Stuart; Mel and Owen Over For Good?

EastEnders Spoilers: Linda Carter Busts Stuart; Mel and Owen Over For Good?In “EastEnders,” we’ve seen that Linda Carter will do everything to prove that his husband Mick is innocent. She tries to deceive the sadistic Stuart Highway that she is on his side to get his trust. She will do whatever it takes to get a confession out of him that he was responsible for framing Mick for attempted murder.

Surely, viewers understand where she is coming from, but many were left with mixed reactions and wondered if she crossed a line when she hooked up with Stuart. How far will she go to get the confession and get his husband out of jail?

While Stuart was having a blast wearing Mick’s Santa costume, Linda rushes upstairs as she tries to figure out what to do to get the confession by the end of the week. Stuart follows her to find out what happened.

EastEnders Spoilers – Linda Plays Stuart

With the two of them alone in the room, Linda pulls Stuart in and kisses him. Realizing what she had just done, she storms out of the room immediately. Will that be enough to get what she wants or does Linda have to do more than just kiss Stuart to get the confession?

Meanwhile, EastEnders’ star Tamzin Outhwaite revealed that her character Mel Owen and Jack Branning are over for good. Outhwaite confirmed that the couple has ended their relationship after it was revealed that Mel slept with Ray Kelly.

She said Ray’s return to the square has changed a lot of things, especially for Mel. “Jack’s never got on with her son, and as a mother you know what it’s like when your children like the partner or when your partner likes the children, there’s so much invested in that, and I think he walks in and it’s the man that Hunter thinks of as his dad,” she added.

EastEnders Spoilers – Mel And Owen

Tazmin also said Mel will never be happy with Jack and her son won’t be as well. They will continue to argue about Hunter and things will get worse. But if she’s with Ray, everything seems to be perfect. They all click and she can see the three of them being happy as a family.

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