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Eastenders Spoilers: Mick Carter Versus Halfway

EastEnders Spoilers: Mick Carter Versus HalfwayEastEnders spoilers indicate that Mick Carter and Halfway might soon be facing off after Stuart Highway’s secret causes a rift between the two old friends.

After all these years, Stuart Highway is still causing everyone problems at the Queen Vic. He arrives at the pub after Linda Carter takes Ollie to stay at Elaine’s and asks his little brother, Halfway to accompany him at this latest predator meeting. Mick manages to convince Halfway that this isn’t a good idea but later find out that he snuck out to meet Stuart.

EastEnders spoilers show Halfway defends him to Mick and in a vicious argument between them, he tells him that he can’t let his brother down again. But at the same time, he tries to convince Mick to join them on their quest to take a predator down.

Of course, this is the last thing that Linda wants to see Mick get involved in. What’s more, Highway is causing a major rift between Mick and Halfway after he finds out about Stuart’s secret.

Not only is Mick going to have trouble mending his friendship with his best friend, but EastEnders spoilers show his marriage to Linda might be in danger, too. She will force him to choose between his friends and his family. Clearly, Mick needs to think fast and mend some fences before he ends up losing everyone that’s important to him in his life.

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And as always, don’t forget to check back with Celebrating the Soaps for all the latest news, updates and spoilers on EastEnders and all of your favorite British soaps right here!