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Ben Affleck Clarifies The Comments He Made About Jennifer Garner And His Alcoholism

Ben Affleck wants the world to know that he doesn’t blame his ex-wife Jennifer Garner for his downfall. In fact, it’s quite the opposite instead.

The actor recently went on the record to clarify some past comments he once made about his drinking problem during his marriage with his ex-wife. Here’s what he has today.

Ben Affleck – Clarifies The Comments He Made About Jennifer Garner And His Alcoholism

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in a new interview, the actor seemingly backtracked on the comments that he made during a 2021 interview with Howard Stern in which it sounded like he was blaming his ex-wife Jennifer Garner and their marriage for his alcoholism. Ben suggests that he didn’t mean for it to come out that way at all.

Ben Affleck Clarifies The Comments He Made About Jennifer Garner And His Alcoholism

“The point that I was trying to make was a sad one,” he clarified. “Anyone who’s been through divorce makes that calculus of, ‘How much do we try?’ We loved each other. We care about each other. We have respect for each other.”

Ben then went on to say, “I was trying to say, ‘Hey, look, I was drinking too much, and the less happy you become, whether it’s your job, your marriage, it’s just that as your life becomes more difficult, if you’re doing things to fill a hole that aren’t healthy, you’re going to start doing more of those things.’ I think I was pretty articulate about that.”

Jennifer Garner’s – Friends Were Disgusted Over Ben Affleck’s Comments

At the time, sources close to Jennifer Garner were disgusted by Ben’s comments from his Howard Stern interview. That’s because if there has been one person who has always been by Ben’s side through the good and bad, it has been Jennifer.

One tipster said, “Jen has been the only one picking him up time and time again when he’s done horrible things — fallen off the wagon or worse. Jen stood by him because she loves him. This is the mother of his children.”

So far Jennifer herself has not made any comments about the matter.

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