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Hugh Grant’s “Joyous” Role As An Oompa Loompa In Upcoming “Wonka” Revealed

Grant has got a brand new role, which was unveiled at this year’s CinemaCon on Monday, and it’s as fun as can be. Who could have guessed that Hugh Grant will be playing a happy role in Timothée Chalamet’s “joyous” and “sincere” movie, “Wonka”? Whether you did or you didn’t, the fact is he is, and Chalamet couldn’t be prouder to work with him.

Timothée Chalamet – On People Seeing Hugh Grant As An Oompa Loompa For the First Time

The preview for the movie was shown on Tuesday’s CinemaCon held in Las Vegas, and it marked the first time that fans got to see Grant, 62, as one of Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompas.

Unlike the first two live action movies based on the “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” children’s book by Roald Dahl, this one will focus on the ecentric genius who masterminded the entire chocolate operation.

So, we will be seeing Chalamet shine bright in this movie with musical numbers and theatrical performances.

Hugh Grant's “Joyous” Role As An Oompa Loompa In Upcoming “Wonka” Revealed

“I think it’s the first time people saw Hugh Grant as the Oompa Loompa,” Chalamet, 27, praised Grant in front of an audience after a trailer for the upcoming movie played at the convention. “It was a trip. Hugh is one of our greats … it was a dream to work with him.”

In real life, Grant is 5 ft. 11 inches tall, but according to director Paul King, the star’s Oompa Loompa character is “no taller than knee high.”

Timothée Chalamet’s – Willy Wonka Discovers Hugh Grant’s Oompa Loompa In Latest Preview

According to Entertainment Weekly, the preview showed the first few exchanges between Chalamet’s Willy Wonka and Grant’s orange-skinned Oompa Loompa, who is trapped in a glass case.

“You’re the funny little man who’s been following me,” says Wonka as the Oompa Loompa shouts to be let out, “How dare you! I will have you know that I am a perfectly respectable size for an Oompa Loompa.”

EW revealed that the Oompa Loompa then breaks spontaneously into a catchy and funny song. “Wonka” will center on Chalamet as Young Willy Wonka before he became the mogul that owned a cholocate factory that made every type of chocolate imaginable, including the exploding candy, everlasting gobstopper, wonka bar, and so much more.

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