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Kanye West Crafts CREEPY Kim Kardashian Copy Cat Claim In NEW Instagram Attack!

Kanye WestKanye West continues to steal the celebrity news spotlight with his Instagram attacks against estranged wife Kim Kardashian. And now West has pulled ex-girlfriend Julia Fox and pop culture site TMZ into his war! Kanye’s newest Instagram attack did, however, give Kim’s boyfriend, SNL star Pete Davidson, 28, a brief break. 

Find out about the 44-year-old rapper’s newest social media post targeting Kardashian, 41. And see how he managed to include Julia, 32, and TMZ in his heated comments. Catch up with Kim and Kanye’s ongoing drama below!

Kim Kardashian Becomes Kanye West’s Copy Cat, Claims West!

Kanye West recently turned heads by dressing his girlfriend Julia Fox, 32, in styles seemingly copied directly from estranged wife Kim Kardashian. (Who can forget, even if we want to, that trippy drippy oozing blue breastplate?!) But now, in the wake of West dumping Fox, the rapper has switched to claiming Kim copied HIS style, reported the Sun. And Kanye got very detailed in slamming Kim as an alleged fashion thief! 

For instance, West analyzed one of the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” (KUWTK) star’s tank tops. Looks like the type you can find hanging on a rack in every department store, right? Wrong, insists Kanye. And he also pointed to another of Kim’s favorite styles, a skin-tight bodysuit. Credit for ALL those styles belong to the rapper, he insisted on Instagram. 

In the responses, Kanye didn’t exactly win any agreement. For instance, one follower wrote, “Who cares?!” And another managed to mock West AND Kardashian. “If they had to go out and get a real job, these two would crumble on the first day!” predicted the Kanye-Kim critic. But several just urged the two to stop feuding. “OMG, again?! Can we just be left alone to breathe?” pleaded the exhausted follower. 

Kanye West Pulls Julia Fox, TMZ, Into New Fashion Feud With Kim!

TMZ and Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend Julia Fox just got rounded up and dumped into Kanye’s new fashion feud with Kim. (Umm, at this point, we sympathize with the follower who pleaded Kim-Kanye exhaustion!) In one of his recent rounds of posting/deleting on Instagram, West copied a TMZ video clip to his social media.

And the rapper used that clip, comparing Kim to Julia Fox, for two purposes. First, Kanye congraulated TMZ for its headline: “If you can’t be with the one you love … love the one who looks exactly like her!” And second, West shared his fashion critique. “TMZ I love you guys… this is too funny. I got notes though.”

But those notes mainly consisted of boasting about his own fashion and blaming Kim as a copy cat. “First of all. use my pic where I’m in front of Nobu where I’m wearing the tank Kim got the style she currently using from me this summer,” requested Kanye. And he boasted, “I been the most influential person in fashion [since] my heroes Ralph Michael Jackson and Puff.”

Tell us what you think. Do you agree with Kanye West that Kim Kardashian copies his styles? And do you view him as the most influential fashion person since his style heroes including Puff? After you’ve shared your views, check back on our site for more celebrity news!

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