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Coronation Street Actor Adam Hussain Stands Up For Racially Abused Sister

Coronation Street: Adam Hussain Coronation Street star Adam Hussain has demanded legal action after his sister experienced racial abuse while on a tram on her way from a night shift work in Manchester.

Adam shared the incident on Twitter with his sister’s original post on Instagram with a picture of a man named Anthony James. His sister revealed; “called a terrorist coming home 6 in the morning from a night shift… didn’t know I was a terrorist for being brown.”

The actor, who plays Aadi Alahan on the long-running ITV soap, explained that his 19-year-old sister was called a “terrorist” on the tram from Manchester Airport to Cornbrook on early Sunday morning and claimed that a tram driver remained silent even after witnessing it.

Coronation Street Spoilers – Fans Show Support

His fans and co-stars flooded the comments with support and comfort, especially for his sister. “I know something needs to be done about this individual… I’m tired of seeing this sort of thing happened too,” Adam tweeted while interacting with his fans.

“[I] don’t understand how people think they can do this and get away with it. If they have the right to spew vile then we have to right to defend ourselves and get them locked up,” Adam added.

Determined to get justice, the star tagged Metrolink and Greater Manchester Police to take action about the abuse. Metrolink executives declare to run a full investigation, Manchester Evening News documented.

Adam’s sister is studying at a university, and to save up money she’s doing night shifts. “I find it appalling and outrageous that she has to deal with this – exhausted,” Adam told the MEN.

“I hope more is done as people like this think they can say and act in such vile manners and think they can get away with it,” he added.

“I feel not many people report this sort of stuff because they feel nothing will be done and can’t be bothered with all the hassle – but that’s what motivates people even more to behave in a horrible way.”

Coronation Street Spoilers – Promotes Racism Abuse Awareness In Its Major Storylines

The ITV soap which actor Adam is currently working has been promoting racism awareness in its show.

One of which is actress Sair Khan’s character Alya Nazir, who was racially judged based on her skin color during a business deal in the soap’s storyline in 2017.

Khan was the one who offered the idea to the ITV show producers to raise awareness about the issue. “I get a lot of people coming up to me, young Asian girls, Asian guys, that are so happy to see me on the television a representation of them,” she told BBC.

“I’m so happy to be that voice for them in all the positive elements that come with that, but there is negativity and I thought that was definitely worth exploring.”

However, Adam’s younger sister’s recent experience proves that despite “Coronation Street” and other TV shows’ efforts to tackle these social issues in their programs, racism remains to exist in this modern age.

“It just goes to show how rampant racism still is,” Adam expressed in his original post.

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