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General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Or Chase – Who Wins Over Willow?

General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Or Chase - Who Wins Over Willow?General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) will feel conflicted after suspecting that Michael’s (Chad Duell) godson is actually the baby she gave up for adoption. It makes it much more complicated as she chooses which man she wants to be with: Michael or Chase (Josh Swickard). As Willow tries to process her feelings on each man, at some point, she will have to choose who she wants to be with.

Willow’s History On General Hospital

Willow is dealing with a lot of drama. She is in grief over giving her baby up for adoption. She also has her hands full with her class and managing all their parents (some with ridiculous demands). This is why when she found Chase, it was such a welcomed surprise.

General Hospital Spoilers – Chase and Willow?

The actress explains that she thinks that Chase and Willow have potential because of they honest with each other about how they are feeling and they have wonderful chemistry. However, being fun and flirty is nice, but Willow cannot fight her growing connection to Michael, either.

General Hospital – Michael and Willow?

Willow has great chemistry with Michael too. She is able to share things with Michael that she wouldn’t fathom telling Chase. She isn’t sure if it is because they both have lost someone they love, but the grief has bonded them in a way she doesn’t feel with Chase.

With Chase, she feels that she has to hide who she is to a point, but with Michael, she can be her authentic self. What complicates things is Michael’s connection to Brad (Ryan Carnes) baby. Nelle (Chloe Lanier) swapped the babies, so the baby isn’t Willow’s child, but Michael’s own child.

“On one hand it’s great because he’s a great person—and of course, Willow wants her baby to have someone like that in his life. But on the other, it’s so awkward, and it makes her secret and the guilt she feels even more prominent, “ MacMullen shared.

As tense as her connection is with Michael, don’t expect Chase to give her up easily. And, at this point, Willow isn’t even sure which man she wants. Don’t forget to come back later for more General Hospital (GH) spoilers, news, and casting updates!

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