General Hospital Spoilers Monday September 25: Franco Pleads With Betsy – Ava In Danger – Jason Flatlines


General Hospital Spoilers Monday September 25: Franco Pleads With Betsy - Ava In Danger - Jason FlatlinesThe General Hospital episode for September 25 promises plenty of action and drama. Please be sure to tune in, you don’t want to miss any of the drama.

Franco Questions Betsy

Another exciting episode of General Hospital begins with Franco (Roger Howarth) questioning his mother Betsy (Deborah Strang) about the young boy in the picture. He asks her who this kid is and where is he now? Franco has become obsessed with his desire for answers. Will Betsy finally give him the answers he is looking for, or will he have to keep searching? Franco is running out of people to ask. ABC Spoilers reveal Franco is asked to keep a secret. Will he be able to contain himself?

Nelle Complains To Michael

Meanwhile, we find Nelle (Chole Lanier) very angry as she informs Michael (Chad Duell) that his mother has just accused her of being the black widow. Can anyone really blame Carly (Laura Wright) for suspecting foul play by Nelle? She came to town like a heat seeking missile with Carly as her target. Since then we have learned she has used three different names, and has been the person of interest in the suspicious death of her rich boyfriend. What mother wouldn’t be afraid for the life of her son.

Sonny (Maurice Benard) asks Carly if she really believes that Nelle is guilty of Murder. Apparently, Carly is convinced, as she may remind Sonny that Nelle is quite capable of devious behavior because she drugged Sonny and recorded a conversation between them in order to make Carly believe she and Sonny were having an affair. She even went so far as to hide a bra in Sonny’s bed for Carly to discover.

Griffin Is Frustrated With Valentin

General Hospital spoilers reveal Griffin (Matt Cohen) grows more and more frustrated with Valentin (James Patrick Stewart) as his concerns for Ava’s (Maura West) safety increase. During an argument between Griffin and Valentin, Nina (Michelle Stafford) reminds the doctor that he has no say in Charlotte’s (Scarlett Fernandez) custody. Could Griffin try to threaten Valentin with his custody battle in order to gain access to Ava’s whereabouts in Russia? He has really become desperate.

Ava In Danger

Speaking of Ava, Other spoilers indicate her life may be in danger as we see the doctor hitting the wall behind Ava and hurling nasty words at her. Has she gone too far this time? Griffin’s concerns may well be justified.

Jason Flatlines

Sam (Kelly Monaco) pleads and begs Jason (Billy Miller) not to leave her as she continues to sit vigil at his bedside. The machines go off and it appears Jason has flatlined. Sam pulls and begs on Jason. Will this be the end for him or can the medical staff save him? Sam will never give up on her husband.

Be sure to tune in to watch General Hospital on ABC on Monday September 25 you won’t want to miss any of the exciting drama.

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