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General Hospital Spoilers: Sam Discovers Shiloh’s Dangerous Side, Can She Save Kristina?

General Hospital Spoilers: Sam Discovers Shiloh's Dangerous Side, Can She Save Kristina?General Hospital viewers have waited so long for Sam and Jason to get back together, but they will soon see JaSam put the break on their reunion, at least temporarily. She’s made it her mission to find a way to get Shiloh out of her sister’s life. Jason and Sam make a huge sacrifice and pretend that they broke up so that they can help Kristina.

Feeling lost and helpless, Kristina joined Dawn of Day, a cult headed by Shiloh Archer, hoping to find purpose and happiness. Sam becomes more concerned about her sister’s safety and worried that Kristina is blindly following him. She comes up with a plan to infiltrate the cult by pretending that she broke up with Jason and currently at her weakest state. Hopefully, Shiloh will fall for the act and recruit her to join DoD.

General Hospital Spoilers – Sam Gets Close To Shiloh

Sam goes as far as sharing some of her experiences during her scamming days even though she didn’t want to remember, if she had a choice. At the Metro Court, Sam opens up an old wound and tells Shiloh of the time she conned her father so she can support his brother with special needs. It was not a happy memory that she was eager to share but had to so she can convince Shiloh that she’s vulnerable.

Sam plans to do everything she can to get Shiloh out of their lives and the first step is to become part of the cult. She believes that he is manipulating Kristina, and she wants to know what his agenda is.

General Hospital Spoilers – Can JaSam Save Kristina?

Meanwhile, Jason does not agree to Sam’s plan but will still play the part. He knows how determined Sam is to save Kristina and he will do anything to help, even if it means being apart from his love in the meantime.

Viewers have yet to find out what Shiloh’s plans are for Sam and her sister. Will Sam succeed or is she falling into a trap?

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