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General Hospital Spoilers Tuesday, May 30: Nina’s Evil Plots, Diane Digs, Joss Determined, Portia Thrilled

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, May 20 shows, Laura Collins (Genie Francis) plays hostess. Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) talk in private. Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) clues Olivia Quartermaine (Lisa LoCicero) in. Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) plays house with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) and Scout Cain (Cosette Abinante).

Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) is up to something with Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers). Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) is frank with Stella Henry (Vernee Watson). Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr) gets her hopes up. Josslyn ‘Joss’ Jacks (Eden McCoy) tells Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) she’s not out of options yet.

General Hospital Spoilers – Tuesday, May 30, 2023: Laura Collins Hosts an Event

Laura will put her best foot forward as she hosts an event to remember. What’s going on? Did our invite get lost in the mail?

General Hospital: Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros)

General Hospital Spoilers – Say Carly Spencer Gets Sonny Alone

Sonny and Carly need some time alone to flesh out the details of what comes next for their family — especially if she’s going to be targeted because of his crimes. Is Sonny really going to let Carly take the fall for her actions while knowing it’s all because she’s attached to him?

GH Spoilers — Nina Reeves Fills Olivia Quartermaine In

Is Olivia dumb enough to fall for Nina’s charade? Nina is the last person anyone would suspect of having turned Carly and Drew into the SEC, but that doesn’t mean Olivia is going to lap up every word she says, does it?

General Hospital – Spoilers Hint Cain Drew Visits With Sam McCall And Scout Cain

Sam is concerned that Scout could lose her father. The SEC investigation is just heating up, and Diane is promising a fight like they’ve never seen before. The less Sam knows about what happened, the better.

GH Spoilers — Diane Miller Goes Digging

Diane is up to something, but is Robert on her side? This could be the first of many times when this duo will clash on professional opinions.
General Hospital Spoilers Leak Curtis Sets His Family Straight

Curtis doesn’t mince words when he comes face to face with his auntie, Stella. This isn’t the time to make nice like nothing happened.

GH Spoilers — Portia Robinson Is Thrilled

Portia welcomes her husband home, but does she really know all the baggage he’s bringing back with him? As Curtis attempts to take Drew’s advice, this marriage could go off the rails quickly.

General Hospital Spoilers — May 30 — Joss Jacks Isn’t Giving Up Just Yet

Trina might be thinking Joss is down on her luck, but nothing could be further from the truth. Just because Sonny isn’t keen on letting Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) out of the mob because she asked him to, doesn’t mean her beau is going to be the don’s enforcer for much longer. What does she have up her sleeve this time?

Which storyline are you most looking forward to following on GH on Tuesday, May 30th? Let us know, and keep checking back for more GH news and spoilers.

  1. […] Dex has come to care about Sonny and doesn’t think he’s a bad guy. The difficulty lies in how to tell Joss that. Dex is aware of Joss’ concerns but finds himself unable to be open and honest with her. He will watch as she obsesses over finding a way out of the mob, all the while, feeling conflicted about potentially leaving the life he enjoys and has become accustomed to. When Joss devises a plan to carry out a hit on Sonny, it will become clear that Dex can no longer dance around the issue at hand. He is unwilling to go along with her plan, but he can’t reveal that he doesn’t want to leave the mob either. How will he find a way out of this mess? […]

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  3. Bratt says

    I just want everyone to find out it was Nina who turned in Carly and Drew AND I want to see it blow up in her face!!! So sick of her and I HATE her with Sonny, absolutely NO chemistry there at all. Well imho anyway lol

    1. Mary says

      Agree totally! Can’t stand Nina…please blow up her sneaky nosy self. I’m sick of her whining & she & Sonny together is sickening!!! She can leave the show & the sooner the better!!

  4. Cindy says

    Bratt and Mary,
    I couldn’t agree with both you ladies more!
    I’m so sick of Ninny Nina! As much as I want it to blow up in her face soon, it would really be awesome if it would happen at the wedding, when asked if anyone has any reason these to shouldn’t be wed! BOOM in comes whoever with the news of what Nina did! Because by then she’ll be smug enough think she’s gotten away with it!

  5. hummy says

    Whiney victim card playing Nina is so boring. I fast forward through ALL of her scenes. Now, I fast forward through all of Sonny’s scenes, too. If she doesn’t lose everything I think it’s ss sayonara to GH. I have watched GH with my mom my whole life❗️Way to go writers❗️LOSE THE STORYLINE❗️
    Willow has Carly as an unconditionally loving Mom from the start. Please go with that.

  6. Lee says

    I So Wa t To See NINA LOOSE
    It All, She Got SONNY By Default,
    He Thought He Was Someone
    Else, & She Knew The Truth, &
    PA, Was Burning Down Who Did
    He Call For It Sure Wasn’t NINA
    It Was CARLY, Yes CARLY Moved
    On With JASON But That Was
    To Save SONNYS FAMILY With
    The MOB. Time To Move On
    SONNY You Know You Don’t
    Belong With NINA, So Take Your
    Ring Back From NINA, Find Out
    Out Who Actually Turned DREW
    & CARLY In To The FEDS & Get
    To The Bottom Of This Storyline
    Don’t Let It Go On For Ever,&
    If It Actually Was NINA, Dump
    Her For Good.

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