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General Hospital Spoilers: Holly Sutton Comes Between Diane Miller & Robert Scorpio’s Romance

General Hospital (GH) spoilers hint that Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) and Diane Miller (Carol Hennesy) will continue to get a little closer in the weeks ahead. These two “colleagues” inch closer and closer to a romance every day, much to the delight of fans. However, with Holly Sutton’s (Emma Samms) recent return to the show, could she come between these impending lovebirds?

General Hospital Spoilers  – Holly Sutton & Robert Scorpio Were Once The “It” Couple In Port Charles

The beauty of Diane and Robert is that these two have chemistry and really bounce off each other’s charm and wit. It’s also been far too long for both Miller and Scorpio since they’ve had some romance in their lives; they certainly deserve a little fun in the relationship department.

However, it’s no secret that Holly and Robert were a very popular super couple back in the ‘80s on General Hospital. The attraction, sparks, and dynamics between Sutton and Scorpio were magical. It’s also very clear that even after all these years, Mr. Scorpio has so many unresolved feelings for Holly. After all, he was at odds in 2020 when he believed Holly had passed.

General Hospital: Holly Sutton (Emma Samms)

The biggest reason their romance didn’t work over the years was a “wrong place at the wrong time” type of deal. It’s hard to say how long Holly’s GH run will be this time around, but if it lasts weeks or months, the Miller-Scorpio pairing could be in jeopardy.

GH Spoilers – Fans May Be Split On Who Robert Scorpio Should Be With

Both Diane and Holly are fan favorites; Robert would make a great pairing with either of the ladies. It’ll be interesting to see if Sutton ends up staying in town this time around, especially if Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) is brought to justice. If he’s no longer a threat, she may decide to rebuild roots in the land of Port Chuckles. As her son Ethan Lovett (James Ryan) is now back on the scene, it’s hard to say.

Are you #TeamHolly or #TeamDiane when it comes to Robert Scorpio? Chime in the discussion down below. Tune into General Hospital on ABC to see whom he ends up choosing and log onto this site often for the most up-to-date General Hospital news and spoilers.

  1. Guest says

    #teamHolly all the way. I see zero chemistry with Diane

  2. Kelly Stone says

    Team Diane for sure. Robert and Holly have been there done that. It’s past time for him to move on with someone fresh and new. I doubt Holly will stick around long anyway.

  3. Katharine Dalton says

    I loved RnH back in the day. They had incredible chemistry, and were so fun to watch ! At the end of her last “stint” on GH they shared a sweet and tender kiss before she walked off into the mist. Sigh. As much as I would love the Scorpios to ride off into the sunset together, I doubt they will. Emma lives in England. Tristan resides in Palm Springs, CA.
    He’s a lot closer to the GH studio than she is.
    Unless one of them moves, I think it would be too difficult for Robert and Holly to settle back down together as a regular couple on the show. Too sad, too bad.

  4. Katharine Dalton says

    I’ve been a fan of RnH since that first awkward kiss Robert planted on Holly’s cheek after they said “I do” in the most unglamorous wedding ceremony of convenience. It didn’t take long for them to ignite the incredible chemistry they shared both on and off the screen.
    But times and people change, of course and
    it’s been 40 years since they were together as a supercouple. Emma lives in England now and Tristan is based with a wife and 2 grown children in Palm Springs. I doubt they could settle into a relationship when Emma lives across the country and across the pond. Diane is cute, and I think they could share a fun romance together, but I don’t think any woman could match the magic of Holly. Besides, didn’t she tear up the divorce papers?

  5. Kristine says

    If the writers want Robert & Diane, they will force it. I did not watch GH in the super couple heyday, so I have no background, but saw some amazing chemistry between Robert & Holly. I wish soap writers worked off chemistry instead of “agendas”, & more might still be on the air. I caught the chemistry instantly, and I’ve never watched them together before.

  6. CMDR Armstrong says

    Team Diane!! I like her with Robert, and Holly is here today and gone tomorrow

  7. Heidi says

    Holly all the way

  8. Amy says

    Hate Diane! Robert and Holly. Not watching since they are doing Robert and Diane!

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