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General Hospital Spoilers: Willow Fights For A Needy Cause

General Hospital Spoilers: Willow Fights For A Needy CauseGeneral Hospital spoilers tease that Willow will continue to fight for what’s right, both in and outside of the classroom. Right now Aiden is having a hard time going to school because of Charlotte, who has been bullying him to no end. Their teacher, Willow, is determined to stop the bullying before it gets even worse. Here’s what you need to know.

More often than not, bullies look to seek harm, intimidate or coerce someone to do something against their will. In fact, actress Katelyn MacMullen, who plays Willow on the hit ABC soap, tells Soaps in Depth in a new interview, “Nine out of 10 times, the bully is responding to something at home that isn’t that great. So they come to school and bully other children. It’s a complicated situation that happens more often than we think.”

The beautiful brunette adds that she’s so happy that the producers of General Hospital know that it’s a big enough problem in schools nationwide that they’ve decided to give it a huge storyline on the show.

Katelyn adds, “It’s a huge problem in the world right now and I’m so happy that General Hospital is telling this story. I’ve had some people reach out to me on Instagram to say how much it means to them because they’ve dealt with it.”

Right now, Aiden’s family has his back while it looks like Charlotte has to deal with this situation on her own. After all, Valentin and Nina aren’t the most honest or trustworthy or even credible people in Port Charles. Thankfully, Willow will do her best to get to the bottom of things for both children’s sakes. Fans will have to tune in to find out more!

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