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Netflix Drops Trailer, Premiere Date For Bird Box Barcelona

Bird Box, a thriller movie from 2018 seemed like an odd sort of movie on Netflix because the things that terrified people out of their minds were never actually seen but now, Bird Box Barcelona got a trailer. The Netflix sequel shows that whatever those things were spread to Europe. Recently, a trailer for the Barcelona move arrived and the premiere date was confirmed. 

Bird Box Barcelona – Cast Will Change

Sandra Bullock and Machine Gun Kelly starred together in the first movie Actually, she played the role of a woman who teamed up with others and fled into the jungles all while wearing blindfolds. That was because whatever those things were that made people go crazy and die seemed to attack through the eyes. It was left to the imagination as to what they looked like. Well, in the sequel, she won’t be the hero who finds a safe haven. 

Bird Box Barcelona sounds like a bit of a feeble title five years on from the original. But, will it spawn plenty of blindfolded TikTok challenges?  In five years, the impact of the movie could have a whole brand-new audience. And, they might find it boring to see yet another movie where people jump off buildings or melt down in the streets. Time will tell, how the audience receives it. It comes with a whole new cast, probably because most of them were killed off in the original movie. 


Bird Box Barcelona – The Trailer For Bird Box Barcelona

Netflix dropped the trailer for the sequel on Netflix and on YouTube. It confirmed that the premiere date for the movie is July 14, 2023. Folks will see the mainly Spanish cast which stars Diego Calva. In the trailer, the usual announcements came from the media who talked about a dreadful thing striking the population and everyone was going to die. Since the coronavirus, that might be quite old news, actually. 

Netflix Releases Trailer And Premiere Date For Bird Box Barcelona
Netflix / YouTube

The airforce is deployed, and the hero, who happens to see the news report strides out of the office to off to presumably save the world. But, a jumper nearly landed on him. Uh oh! It’s here already folks. But, Bird Box Barcelona seems to be not all that gripping. Some eerie music accompanies the footage. There’s a scene of people battering their brains out and many people get hurt as populations of the cities try to run or drive anywhere but where they are. A mournful bird in a cage squeaks. And once again, there is no definite picture of the evil invaders.

Bird Box Barcelona – People React To The Trailer

Bird Box Barcelona might be underwhelming for folks who watched the original edition. @lukesmith3618 opined, “Ok we need a franchise where we see it happening in different cities and then all of the characters have to team up to take on the leader of the creatures.” Now that sounds like a great idea.

Meanwhile, most people seem fine with watching it even though the storyline seems very similar to the original.  @ddcrowley wrote,One of my favorite books. One of my favorite movies. Can’t wait for this.”

You can watch the trailer below this article. Let us know what you think of it in the comments below. 

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