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Will Netflix Renew ‘The Diplomat’ For Season 2?

Netflix’s political thriller series The Diplomat debuted on the streamer on April 20, 2023, and has been a great success among its subscribers. Created by Debora Cahn, the first season featured 8 episodes starring Keri Russell and Rufus Sewell in the lead roles. However, the series’ title did clash with another Barcelona-set show which is also titled The Diplomat, and aired in the UK in February 2023. Yet, neither Netflix nor the British producers have shown any willingness to alter the title in order to avoid possible confusion.

Now that the show has piqued the viewers’ interest, they wish to know whether the show will be renewed for Season 2. Keep reading to find out The Diplomat’s Season 2 renewal status!

Lately, Netflix has had a habit of canceling shows even if the latest season has ended on a cliffhanger. While the producers might think that ending the show on a cliffhanger might force the streamer to bring back the show, in 80 percent of the cases, the streamer leaves its viewers hanging, and the show ends up getting canceled. A similar move has been attempted by The Diplomat that ended on a cliffhanger begging for renewal. However, it seems like this show might be among the lucky 20 percent that does get renewed by the streamer.

The Diplomat

The series ended on the biggest cliffhanger yet among the shows that have currently aired on Netflix. A Tory MP on the way to meet Hal was blown up in a car bombing along with Stuart, Hal, and Ronnie, all nearby. Kate gets to know about the situation, but viewers are left with no knowledge of who really died. However, by logic, it is possible that it could be Ronnie as he was the closes and Hal and Stuart are rather major characters in comparison.

Moreover, viewers also learned that the ones responsible for the British warship attack, which was a plan to frame Iran with the help of Russian mercenaries, were most likely carried out by the British Prime Minister himself. So, sure enough, The Diplomat required another season to provide fans a closure. Unlike other shows, The Diplomat has successfully positioned itself on the top 10 list ever since it premiered on the streamer. It is highly likely that the show will be renewed for Season 2, but it is too early to tell, given that it has been just a week since the debut season dropped on Netflix.

So, do you hope for The Diplomat to be renewed for Season 2 on Netflix? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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