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1000-Lb. Sisters Amy Halterman’s Son Has A Serious Meltdown

1000-Lb. Sisters Season 4 recently aired its latest episode titled Apple Of My Eye, and fans saw Amy Halterman’s son have a big meltdown at the altar. Episode 10 focused entirely on Tammy Slaton Willingham’s big day- Her Wedding. However, Amy’s elder son Gage couldn’t keep his emotions in check. So, what happened that caused Gage to break down in tears at the rehab on Tammy’s wedding? Keep reading to find out the details!

Amy Halterman has been bashed time and again for her bad parenting, and this was a classic example of how her kids are beyond her control. Gage, who is two-year-old, was seen throwing tantrums at his aunt’s wedding to Caleb. In the episode, he was seen rolling around in the center of the aisle as he screamed at the top of his lungs.

1000-Lb. Sisters Spoilers – Meltdown

As Tammy walked towards the love of her life, Caleb, who stood at the altar, the toddler was seen sitting in a guest’s lap. However, what started as a few innocent cries of a toddler transitioned into full-blown screaming. The camera showed Caleb getting emotional as he wiped away his tears, looking at Tammy. However, viewers saw Gage getting off the guest’s lap and rolling in the middle of the aisle before he got back up.

Amy Halterman

Amy Halterman, who seemed concerned at her son’s outburst at a crucial moment, tried to take charge of things immediately. The TLC star put her finger on her lips and shushed Gage in an attempt to silence him.

While the 35-year-old is struggling to keep up with her kids, her relationship with Michael is on a rocky road as well. Back in February 2023, an insider revealed that Amy and Michael are headed toward a divorce. They claimed that the mother of two had already moved out and was living with her sister Tammy.

1000-Lb. Sisters Spoilers – Reports

As per reports, Amy claimed that Michael has been very lazy when it comes to taking care of the kids or the household duties. The estranged couple has also been arguing over the show and whether the kids should be a part of it. Michael feels the kids shouldn’t be on 1000-Lb. Sisters, while Amy feels otherwise and already has a contract for both her kids with TLC.

So, what do you think of Amy Halterman’s failed attempts at parenting? Share your thoughts in the comments and check back for more on 1000-Lb. Sisters!

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  1. Stacey Drinkwine says

    I have watched the show since season 1, episode 1, I am 54 yrs old, and I have pretty much seen all walks of life, I live in Flint Michigan, I see heroine addicts trying to succeed at being a parent, but it never happens. Approximately 95% of them end up losing their rights to their kids, I have seen dope dealing mothers who try making ends meet by slinging the dope, but that’s a EPIC FAIL A MAJORITY OF THE TIME!!!! I watch this show, I whole heartedly believe Amy is doing the best she can raising them boys ALONE!!!! AND I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY HER HUBBY IS SUCH A LAZY ASS HUSBAND/DADDY!!!! He always seemed so supportive BEFORE KIDS!!!! I feel so SOOOOOO BAD FOR AMY!!!! SUCH big changes within a couple yrs, so much heartbreak when this should be THEEEE HAPPIEST TIME IN HER LIFE!!!! she had her perfect husband, her dreams of being a GREAT MOTHER was becoming REALITY!!! Let’s not forget her biggest ACHIEVEMENT, her weight loss, she worked SO HARD TO ACHIEVE!!! That is her whole lifetime battle, AND SHE REACHED HER GOAL!!! GOT HER SURGERY!!! AND was on the road to COMPLETE HAPPINESS!!!! ALL HER GOALS WERE GOLDEN!!! She was on easy street, and then her husband turned into a LAZY ITCH!!!! WHEN SHE NEEDED HIM THE MOST!!!! Becoming a Mom is all kinds of emotions, HAPPY, worried, sad, ECSTATIC, SCARED!!! Until the VERY MOMENT YOU LOOK AT YOUR BABY’S BEAUTIFUL PRECIOUS FACE!!!! Then a whole new MESS OF FEELINGS KICK IN!!! Am I gonna be a good mom, is baby gonna think I am a good momma, am I doing things right etc, and then when there’s 2, IT’S A EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER!!!! But Amy said it best, she just had the number wrong, she said she’s got 3 kids, counting hubby, when actually there’s 4, because of Tammy, and it’s not fair to Amy and the boys, and that’s how post partom depression kicked in. And it’s not fair to Amy that Tammy plays the head games she does, Tammy is a grown ass woman, she chose to eat her way to where she is, she knew the repercussion of not losing the weight, IT’S HER OWN DAMN FAULT IT’S NOT ANYONE’S RESPONSIBILITY BUT HER OWN!!! So that being said, GROW TF UP TAMMY!!! You did it to yourself!!!! AND knowing Amy’s marriage was falling apart, THAT SHIT WAS STRAIGHT SELFISH!!!! Knowing she’s taking care of both boys by herself, it’s alot on the plate when it first happens. EVEN HAD TO COME HOME AND CLEAN THE HOUSE CUZ LAZY AZZ HUSBAND WOULDN’T LIFT HIS LAZY AZZ OF THE COUCH!!!! Amy, my heart goes out to you, you have 2 HANDSOME LIL MEN!!!! THEY WILL LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY!!!! ❤️!!! They don’t come with instructions, you just wing it as it happens, you do the best you can, and everything else doesn’t matter. But what we see on TV and social media, AMY YOU’RE A GREAT MOMMA!!!! !!!! DON’T LET THE HATERS BRING YOU DOWN!!! AND there’s nothing wrong with the boys being on YOUR SHOW!!! GURL SHOW THEM HANDSOME BOYS TO THE WORLD!!! THEY ARE DEFINITELY SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF!!!!! As far as I see it, hubby shouldn’t have a say so on shit, WHEN HE DOESN’T EVEN HELP PERIODTTTT!!!! HE MADE HIS BED, AND HE’LL DEFINITELY LAY HIS LAZY ASS IN IT!!!! YOU GO GURL!!!

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