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Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 Spoilers: Daisy Caught In Love Triangle!

Below Deck quickly became so popular that Bravo produced one spin-off after another. And while Below Deck Med proved a winner, the other versions have always turned into success stories. And now Below Deck Sailing Yacht spoilers reveal that the reality TV show will raise its sails for a fourth season.

But as viewers of last season know, the combination of Daisy and Gary can spark troubled waters. And for season four, Below Deck Sailing Yacht teasers hint that Colin turns Daisy’s relationship with Gary into a love triangle. Climb aboard and see all the details below, including the video preview!

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Spoilers – Daisy Kelliher And Colin Kelliher Make Waves!

Spoilers reveal that Daisy, Gary, and Colin turn Below Deck Sailing Yacht season four into a relationship roller-coaster. But the dedicated captain of Parsifal III, Glenn Shephard, won’t let a love triangle threaten to drown his yacht. And drama develops when returning stars Gary, Daisy, and Colin take charge of new crew members, according to sneak peeks from People.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht

As Captain Glenn looks ahead at a season filled with sailing on the waters near Sardinia, Italy, he reflects on his history with the yacht. “I’ve been with Parsifal for 13 years,” shares the captain in a preview. “She had a lot of problems,” admitted Glenn. “But she’s never let me down.”

However, Captain Glenn might regret that claim when the yacht begins heeling more than usual. And season four of Below Deck Sailing Yacht sees everything from crew members falling to a guest comparing the experience to an amusement park ride. “Who needs a roller coaster? Holy cow!”

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Spoilers – Captain Glenn Shephard Stays Optimistic

Captains on the Below Deck shows tend to become known for certain personality traits. For instance, Below Deck’s original Captain Lee has become beloved for his quirky comments. And Below Deck Med Captain Sandy tends to focus on a take-charge leadership mentality. But for Below Deck Sailing Yacht, trust Captain Glenn to stay optimistic. 

And as he reflects on his crew, Glenn declares, “It looks like we got a good group of people here. I’m looking forward to a really good season.” But the captain seems to want to ignore his crew’s love triangle trouble. 

For instance, Gary makes a vow and promptly breaks it. “My intention is not to come in and hook up with a chick,” he claims. “I’m here to make money and have a good time and give guests good experiences.” However, Gary then returns to his canoodling ways.

And when Colin and Daisy kiss, Gary goes from canoodling to complaining. Because Gary and Daisy famously flirted last season, he understandably feels jealous. But Gary tries to play it cool, claiming he keeps Daisy in the friendship zone. However, he might try to throw Colin overboard if he gets jealous enough!

Tell us what you think. Which returning Below Deck Sailing Yacht crew members do you look forward to watching? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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