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Below Deck Sailing Yacht Spoilers: Daisy And Colin Spark Romance Rumors!

Below Deck Sailing Yacht spoilers reveal that the teasers about Daisy Kelliher and Colin MacRae hooking up prove true. But that hookup has sparked questions regarding the Below Deck Sailing Yacht stars. And fans long to know if Daisy and Colin will begin a real romance, enjoy long-term dating, or just plan a seasonal fling.

Find out the latest on Daisy and Colin’s relationship. And learn what Below Deck Sailing Yacht spoilers reveal. Get all the details below.

Below Deck Spoilers – Gary King Spills Guy Tea!

After what felt like a full season of teasers, Below Deck Sailing Yacht finally featured the scene in which Daisy Kelliher and Colin MacRae hook up. But Below Deck built up to the canoodling, showing a night out in which Mr. Ladies’ Man (also known as Gary King) stirred up trouble again. However, Gary also enjoyed time with someone special on the Parsifal III turned Love Boat. But the highlight came with the unexpected passion between Daisy and Colin, pointed out People

Below Deck Sailing

Below Deck spoilers tease that Gary decides to try to go after stewardess Madison (Mads) Herrera again. But Mads has proved her wisdom repeatedly in not giving into Gary too easily. And of course that made the ladies’ man even more eager to pursue her. But when the yacht crew climbed into vans for a night out, Gary decided to ride with the women. 

And King made a very unwise decision in spilling tea on what the guys think about all the women. “You want to know what we’re all saying, what the guys are saying?” Gary offered. “Everyone loves Daisy to bits. But as much they’d love to f— her, they are very scared of Daisy. And don’t want to get on her wrong side.”  

Below Deck Spoilers – Colin MacRae Scolds Over Bro Code!

And Daisy joined the other female crew in slamming Gary. For instance, Daisy shared that she wished Gary stayed silent. And stewardess Lucy Edmunds pointed out that King called her a “bloke.” But the hostility got so intense that Gary hopped out of the van. However, that didn’t stop Mads from scolding Gary.

And Mads told Gary, “I feel like you made all the girls feel worse.” But Colin reacted even more strongly when he learned what King said. And in a Below Deck confessional, Colin pointed out, “This is a direct violation of Bro Code Rule No. 1. Don’t tell the girls what you said about them. Hello?!”

And Colin didn’t stop there with scolding Gary. For instance, Colin observed King flirting with Mads. And he said, “You know what? I know you don’t even like Mads. She’s the one that gave you two seconds of her time,” pointed out Colin. And you’re like, ‘This is the one.'”

Below Deck Spoilers – Bed-Hopping Begins!

However, Gary ignored Colin’s comments. And he persuaded Mads to join him in a guest cabin. But when Colin and Chase teased the canoodling couple by walking in, Mads headed off to her cabin. And that got Daisy joining Colin to check on Gary.

Then came the long-awaited scene between Colin and Daisy. It began with Colin asking which bed to visit next. And it continued with Daisy canoodling with Colin. The newest couple on the yacht then managed to get some time alone in her bed. And while Mads eventually went back to Gary, Colin and Daisy hooked up in a passionate scene. 

Tell us what you think. Do you predict that Colin and Daisy will enjoy a long-term romance? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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