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Below Deck Spoilers: Captain Sandy Reveals Captain Lee Feud Status

Below Deck spoilers tease some insights about the feud involving Captain Sandy and Captain Lee. And the sneak peeks also show the difference between Lee’s comments on social media and during an upcoming episode. But Captain Sandy additionally offered some insights about her feud with Lee.

Find out the latest happening Below Deck. And discover what Sandy shared about her views on Lee. Get all the details below.

Below Deck Spoilers — Captain Lee Slams Sandy

Together, Captain Lee and Captain Sandy turned Below Deck season 10 into a series of firsts for the popular reality TV show. But they also weathered a stormy feud that almost capsized fans trying to understand the situation. And Sandy, 57, offered an update on the situation to Us magazine.

Below Deck

The feud began after Captain Lee, 73, felt forced to leave his beloved yacht because of health issues. And Sandy stepped up to replace him. However, as season 10 aired, Lee turned to social media to sound off on her decisions. And Lee slammed the other captain for her behavior.

However, as she reflected on the feud, Sandy sought to stay calm. “I’m not in his shoes. I don’t know what’s going on mentally,” shared Sandy about seeing Lee threw shade at her on social media. And she admitted, “I can only imagine” what incited Lee to slam her.

Below Deck Spoilers — Captain Sandy Throws Shade

However, Sandy threw her own shade at Lee. And she shared that after viewing his health problems during Below Deck season 10, she took action. “After seeing the condition Captain Lee was in [during season 10] — I went back to the gym and started doing Pilates. I’m a lot younger,” added Sandy in a shady moment. “20 years younger — I honestly don’t wanna be that.” 

Below Deck season 10 has revealed Sandy firing both Camille Lamb and Alissa Humber. But Captain Lee felt shocked to discover about the firings after the fact. And that sparked his shady moments on social media.

However, Below Deck spoilers show Lee praising Sandy in front of the cameras. And the long-time captain shared, “She did the right thing. If they need to go, they need to go. She’s the one that had to deal with it,” he added. “And I am sure she made the best decision for the boat and the crew. I can’t express how much I appreciate [her filling in for me]. And maybe one day I will get to return the favor for her.”

Below Deck Spoilers — Captain Lee Slams Sandy’s Lack Of ‘Respect’!

However, the divide between what Captain Lee said on social media and what he shared in the Below Deck episode left Sandy baffled. And she shared, “I tried to call him.” But Sandy claimed that she could not contact Lee.

And Captain Lee’s social media followers felt shocked to see his reaction to the Below Deck scenes featuring Sandy. As a result of her actions, Lee tweeted after viewing a recent episode. “I found out after the fact that she fired one of my crew, not before. Ok? Then why contact me after and tell me at all? Plenty of time to call me after,” added Lee. 

But he questioned why Sandy failed to alert him before the cast shakeup. And Lee added, “She made the right call. But lacked in procedure and respect. Just the way I roll.”

However, Below Deck viewers will bid farewell to Captain Lee at least temporarily after season 10. And spoilers reveal that Below Deck Adventure star Captain Kerry will replace Lee for season 11. As a result of the changes, Sandy will return to Below Deck Mediterranean. And she shared what she learned from the swap. “My teachable moment was maybe not step on a vessel without a handover. That was a big boat,” noted Sandy. “And I was really intimidated to be honest.”

Tell us what you think. How do you react to Captain Lee slamming Sandy on social media and then praising her on Below Deck? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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