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Counting On: Jana Duggar Tired Of Being Filmed?

The Counting On spoilers teases that Jana Duggar is tired of being filmed. Fans noticed something about her personality in a new social media video. Some claim that she’s OVER it.

Counting On Spoilers – Jana Duggar Rolls Her Eyes At Camera

On Sunday, May 14, Jeremy Duggar shared a surprising video with three of his siblings. He had a pizza party with his sisters Jana and Jinger Duggar. The trio made pizza and spent time away from their famous parents, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. He posted the video on his Instagram grid.

Since then, Duggar fans noticed something strange about Jana’s personality. They could tell that she was tired of having her siblings film her. She made silly expressions during the video. One fan took to the Duggars Snark subreddit to talk about her body expressions, which were very telling.

Jana Duggar

“This woman has absolutely had it. With everything. But especially her siblings filming her,” the fan wrote. Other fans took to the thread to share their thoughts. Most were surprised that the siblings didn’t spend time with their parents on Mother’s Day. Others discussed Jana’s expression.

“The face of a woman who is done with being a maid and babysitter and is ready to snap,” one fan wrote. “She is a 30-something never-married woman who has raised and continues to raise numerous children as well as being the chief cook and bottle washer at TTH,” another noted.

Duggar Fans Call For Her Escape

The Counting On spoilers reveals that fans are calling for Jana Duggar’s escape from the family. There have been questions as to why she’s spending so much time at home even though she’s in her 30s. Due to their strict upbringing, Jana has no choice but to take care of her younger siblings. Since she’s still close to her parents, it would be frowned upon if she disowned them.

However, some fans think she should escape. They noticed signs that she has been unhappy with her life. “Jana, YOU’RE 33 F***ING HELL JUST LEAVE,” one man demanded. Another fan argued that Jana is still free to leave home to her studio apartment. It’s surprising that Jim Bob and Michelle allow her to live outside the family home.

Others called Jana Duggar’s expression a “whole lifetime of internalized rage.” Others are positive that if she truly wants to be free, she will leave on her own. Do you think Jana Duggar is tired of being filmed? Do you think she wants to leave the family? Check back with more news and updates on Counting On.

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