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Josh Duggar Prison News Reveals ’19 Kids’ Alum’s NEW Release Date!

Josh Duggar began his reality TV career as the oldest son of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar on TLC’s 19 Kids And Counting. But then the news broke that Josh had molested several underage girls, including some of his sisters. And even as TLC created a spin-off, Counting On, more reports came showing the shady side of Josh. But Duggar’s final act came when he faced a guilty verdict on child pornography allegations. 

And since heading to prison, Josh managed to get himself in more trouble with a forbidden cell phone. As a result, rumors swirled about possible penalties for the 19 Kids And Counting alum. And now, as revealed below, it seems that the phone will impact his prison release date.

Josh Duggar – Ends Up With New Prison Release Date

After child pornography allegations surfaced, Josh Duggar faced arrest in spring 2021. And a trial resulted in a guilty verdict. Josh then ended up with a 12 and a half years prison sentence, noted TV Show Ace.

Josh Duggar

As a result, the 19 Kids And Counting alum headed to FCI Seagoville in Texas to serve his time behind bars. And thus far, Josh already has gotten in trouble. Duggar ended up with a cell phone, breaking the prison rules with that gadget.

That discovery sparked speculation about possible penalties for Josh. And they included time in seclusion. But beyond that, some followers of the Duggar clan found out about another penalty. The Reddit Duggar community has become known for its detective work. 

And now one Reddit member uncovered a change in Josh’s prison release date. Previously, Josh looked forward to release from prison on 8/12/2032. But now the 19 Kids And Counting alum must wait until 8/22/2032.

Duggar – Followers React To Prison Release Date Change

Because of the 10 days addition, commentators suspect that Josh received a penalty for that forbidden cell phone. And some thought that the fact that Duggar couldn’t follow the rules raised questions about his life after prison. For instance, one Reddit commentator shared, “There’s no way he’s going to be able to abide by the terms of his release if he’s already breaking the rules in jail.”

And others speculated about Josh’s wife Anna. She has become known for standing by her man regardless of what she did. But one snarky Reddit critic commented, “I love to think Anna had a ‘release date❤️’ on a calendar for the previous date and now has to change it.” However, regardless of that penalty, Anna probably will continue to take time to visit her hubby. She already has traveled to see him.

As for what life will look like for Josh, Anna, and their seven children when he does get released? We want to know your views. Given that Josh broke the rules inside prison with a forbidden cell phone, do you think he will get in trouble again after he serves his time behind bars? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

  1. Bridget says

    I can’t believe Josh Duggar is going to get out this year God knows I thought he would have gotten more time he should have more time cuz when he gets out no child will be safe around him

    1. Teresa says

      2032. Not 2023

  2. Mary says

    I think his parents need to be charged for not telling the authorities what happened. They were protecting him, so he just continued to do the same thing. To his sisters? Disgraceful!!!

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