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Vanderpump Rules Reunion Becomes WAR: Andy Cohen Prevents Physical Fight!

Andy Cohen has become used to staying cautious during Real Housewives reunions. For instance, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice once shoved the Bravo TV reunion host back into his chair. But the Vanderpump Rules reunion reportedly came close to getting dangerously physical.

Find out about the nuclear war during the Vanderpump Rules reunion. And learn what role Andy Cohen played. Get all the details below.

Vanderpump Rules Spoilers – Reunion Means War!

Avoid a reality TV reunion if you like to watch everyone getting along. Because for shows ranging from Real Housewives to Vanderpump Rules, reality TV reunions inevitably means clashes. However, the Vanderpump Rules reunion went from verbal battles to nearly physical fights, according to TMZ.

Andy Cohen

But some thought that a battle seemed inevitable. Because Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss got caught in an affair just weeks before the reunion, cast members turned against them. Sandoval had cheated on Ariana Madix with Leviss after a relationship with Ariana that lasted nearly 10 years. And when news broke, the Vanderpump Rules cast ganged up on Raquel and Tom. 

The cheating couple got slammed at the reunion. And the battle against Leviss and Sandoval got so bad that Andy Cohen stepped in to separate several cast members. However, the Vanderpump Rules reunion host did succeed in preventing any physical assaults.  

Vanderpump Rules Spoilers – Reunion Feels ‘Like A Nuclear Bomb’

But overall, it took just two minutes for the Vanderpump Rules cast to go from introductions to explosions at the reunion filming. And the entire five hours of shooting consisted of arguments. However, the situation proved worse for Tom and Raquel. 

And insiders revealed that not a single person championed Sandoval and Leviss. Instead, the cast members including Lisa Vanderpump and Andy Cohen slammed the cheating couple. As a result, it felt “like a nuclear bomb went off in the studio,” shared a source.

So which Vanderpump Rules stars nearly got physical and assaulted each other? Insiders revealed that the battle did not involve Tom, Raquel or Ariana. Instead, the Vanderpump Rules cast member who started the fight “is not someone you’d guess,” shared one source.

Vanderpump Rules Spoilers – Ariana Angry With Both Tom And Raquel

One highlight of the reunion involves Andy asking Tom and Raquel to give details on how their affair started. However, they did not provide a timeline. But the duo did share that they hooked up. And they did not start an immediate relationship. Instead, they delayed before the long-term affair began. 

As a result of the focus on Tom’s and Raquel’s affair, the questions inevitably turned to Ariana. And she seemed angry with both her ex-boyfriend and the woman with whom he cheated. However, though Madix cried, she kept herself under control. And one insider theorized that Ariana sounded as if she sought therapy to guide her through the trauma.

But Tom seemed to struggle with his emotions during the reunion. And even a break didn’t change the atmosphere, say insiders. However, Cohen then asked Raquel and Tom if they remain a couple. And the answer is “yes” with a caveat. As an insider pointed out, “That relationship is like on an egg timer. It’s not gonna last.”

Tell us what you think. Which Vanderpump Rules stars do you predict came close to a physical fight during the reunion? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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