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Camilla Parker Bowles Is Turning Into A Big Problem For King Charles

Camilla Parker Bowles might not be doing her job. There’s a new report that suggests the Queen of England is becoming a problem for King Charles.

That’s because she hasn’t been doing a good job of being in the spotlight – or even receiving it – in the same way that Queen Elizabeth did before her death last year. Here’s what you need to know.

Camilla Parker Bowles Is Turning Into A Big Problem For King Charles

Royal expert Tom Bower, who often has one thing or another to say about the royal family, said that it’s really up to Queen Camilla to help boost the couple’s popularity. But sadly, that just didn’t happen in the past year.

In fact, it seems like Camilla Parker Bowles may never reach the same level of popularity that Queen Elizabeth had during her prime. 

Camilla Parker Bowles Is Turning Into A Big Problem For King Charles

“Camilla is not the greatest activist, I don’t think she really loves being Queen”, Bower said. “I think she knows there is a large residue of Britons who resent her presence there. I don’t think she is that healthy, that is something of a drag on Charles himself.”

Bower added, “She doesn’t want to fly to Australia, she doesn’t want to go to Kenya, she doesn’t want to go beyond Paris or Berlin because she gets jet lagged and all the rest. I don’t think she sees herself as a leader and as a monarch and representing values which are important in a leader in the monarch.”

Is Camilla Not Doing Enough Royal Work?

And while many royal experts would agree that Camilla has done a great job of making King Charles happy, Bower added, That isn’t a reason to be Queen though.”

So far Buckingham Palace has not made any comments about the matter. But at the same time, it’s doubtful that anything will change in the way that Camilla Parker Bowles operates anyway.

Now, whether or not her popularity picks up, remains to be seen. Watch this space.

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  1. Teresa Hatalosky says

    Diana was a lady & would have made an amazing beautiful Queen. Camilla is a person with no lady like values or respect for another woman’s husband. Remember she also cheated on her own husband. I can think of a few words to describe Camilla. As a married woman myself. But since I’m a lady I won’t use those words. Charles had a diamond in Diana. He ended up with an unattractive used car.

    1. Maria says

      Call her what she is a Tramp A Whore, A home wrecker,
      And has the nerve to want the honor of being marrySMDH.( hope it wasn’t in the church)

  2. Gayle says

    Camilla always looks tipsy and frumpy. It doesn’t matter how well they dress her she still doesn’t have it. Charles is not a people person either. They both need to retire. They are both sick. GIVE it to William and Kate.

    1. Greg says

      Couldn’t agree more!

  3. Sue Rushing says

    Charles should have never become King. That was the stipulation for his divorce from Diana. As far as Camilla being a Queen that’s a laugh. Queen’s are elegant, beautiful, friendly, and supportive of the people. That’s ABSOLUTELY NOT CAMILLA..

  4. Dennis Warner says

    She’s not queen consort, she’s queen escort

  5. Debby says

    She’s like Megan only wants to be the face of fame & NOTHING else. And definitely not any sort work.

  6. Sally says

    All I can say is AMEN to all of the above comments. Both Camila and Charles need to go to a palace somewhere and stay there for the rest of there lives. Let William and Kate take over. England loves them!!!

    1. Sherry says

      No, William/Catherine need to have more time with their small children, so far they are raising them to learn to have respect and honor the country…they are a loving family yet they need more time as a family even while working for the Firm and the country.

  7. Rosa says

    Unfortunatly its not always greaner on the other side. Charles Iii grew up knowing his responsipiblity while camilla had to learn and
    Is still learning but now thinks she can dictate what prince william and kate mideleton should and shouldnt do. She should leave that up to charles.if william and kate are not doing there job william is his son and kate his daughter in law and

  8. De says

    Maybe the problem for the Royal Family isn’t Harry and Meghan! Maybe it’s really Camilla! Is she trying to take it over and get her children in so they can get part of the $$$$$!

  9. Shirley says

    Camilla is not fit to be a queen. She is a old grumpy looking woman who only married Charles for his money. She will never be anything but a gold digger.

    1. Rjmays says

      Camilla is very unattractive, she looks like she has a pound of grease on her old, wrinkled face!

  10. Dawn says

    Camillass just wanted to become Queen she doesn’t want the job that comes with the title. Charles made a big mistake by divorceing Diana and marrying that frumpy woman. I do believe that Camillass is the big problem of Charles and Harry talking things over. If Camillass could get away with it she would alienate William and Kate from Charles too. She is the problem of the monachy at this time. I’m from the US and Charles is not a good king. Poor Elizabeth is churning in her grave with what her son has done too England. He sold all of her horses that she loved and is alienating all the commonwealth that his mother has held together. He is like our president too old too hold any kind of office. They both need to step down. Our president is starting a war with China and your king is starting a war with his people. Neither one is good for any nation. She always looks drunk and frumpy.

  11. Philosopher says

    The whole concept of there being “royalty” these days is ludicrous! It is nothing but a stupid additional tax tirred upon the citizenry of the country, for absolutely no return in value!

    Let’s see it for what it is— an absolute waste, and not much more than a continuation of the value of very small number of gifts based on their supposed genetic inter-relations. Should any sort of power or influence be based on such. It’s like saying that Joe Biden’s family can legally steal money from the American voters because they are Biden’s, after all. Think of it in those terms, and you will see it for what it is— an absolute farce!

  12. Pat Newmans says

    You know King Charles has sent Camille to rehab a couple of times for drinking.She can not control it.and i think that Charles has a bit of a problem with that also.

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