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Kate Middleton Failed To Control Prince Louis’ Behavioral Issues At The Coronation?

Well, here we go again. Royal Family News suggests that both Kate Middleton and Prince William apparently had a very hard time trying to control their son Prince Louis during King Charles’ coronation.

Actually, make that Prince Louis’ facial expressions. The young royal tot couldn’t help but also show his boredom during the ceremony as he kept on yawning in a very animated way in front of everyone. Here’s what you need to know.

Kate Middleton Failed To Control Prince Louis’ Behavioral Issues At The Coronation?

Just like at Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee last summer, Prince Louis was definitely the star of the show as he managed to steal the spotlight from everyone else once again.

During the Platinum Jubilee, he couldn’t help but make faces at the crowd although at one point it looked like he wanted to slap his mother, Kate Middleton, across the face.

Kate Middleton Failed To Control Prince Louis’ Behavioral Issues At The Coronation?

While a lot of people said that the time that Prince Louis was just acting like your typical, rambunctious toddler, others said that he was acting out because he was having a hard time sitting there with the rest of the royals for so many hours on end. That’s also one of the reasons why he missed Queen Elizabeth’s funeral in September.

With that said, Prince William and Kate Middleton thought it would be a good idea for Prince Louis to attend King Charles’ coronation on Saturday. After all, he is one year older and hopefully a little more mature and wiser than he was last year. But being a cute little royal rascal must be in Louis’ DNA as he once again couldn’t help but make an abundance of faces during the coronation ceremony.

Prince Louis Kept Yawning During The Ceremony

If that weren’t enough, Prince Louis also expressed his boredom from it all by yawning as loud as he could multiple times while at Westminster Abbey. You just gotta love the royal tot for keeping things real, right? So far both William and Kate haven’t made any comments about the matter, although it’s doubtful that they will.

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