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Kate Middleton Is Now Firing Back At Camilla Parker Bowles

Camilla Parker Bowles might be the new Queen of England, but it looks like Kate Middleton is still doing things her way, regardless of what kind of title her mother-in-law has.

There’s a new report that suggests the Princess of Wales couldn’t help but “stick it” to Camilla when she refused to curtsy to her in a public snub that a lot of people saw as very disrespectful. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News: Kate Middleton Is Now Firing Back At Camilla Parker Bowles

According to the latest edition of The National Enquirer, Kate Middleton has wasted no time in showing everyone around her – and if not the world, too – just what she thinks of Camilla as the new Queen of England. In fact, she was bold enough to not curtsy in front of Camilla during the Coronation, which the whole world saw.

One source close to the situation even put it this way, “Prince William’s wife projects an easygoing public image, handling difficult situations and people without a misstep. But behind her dazzling smile, she’s no pushover, especially when it comes to royal politics.”

Kate Middleton Is Now Firing Back At Camilla Parker Bowles

To make matters worse, it seemed like Kate also had a huge blowout with Camilla soon after Queen Elizabeth’s death. Apparently, the Princess of Wales let it all out the moment that she realized Camilla would in fact become the new Queen of England.

The tipster said, “Upon Her Majesty’s death, Kate reportedly had a blazing blowout with Camilla at Windsor Castle. Camilla’s lifelong dream of becoming queen had gone straight to her head. She started throwing her weight around, making it clear who was the boss and demanding that everyone bow down to her.”

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The display of arrogance was more than what Kate could stomach. The source also said, “Kate was frankly disgusted by Camilla’s behavior. Kate hasn’t been hailed the most successful royal hire ever for no reason. She is not the not-so-secret weapon the family needs to secure the future of the monarchy.”

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  1. Deborah cooksey says

    Princess Kate is the best thing that’s happened to the royal family since the loss of princess Diana…Camilla is evil and spiteful and now being the queen makes it alittle bit easier for her to display the power she now has..but one thing is for sure she will never be a princess diana and princess Kate will make a beautiful queen to èngland..that is something Camilla will never be despite her status…

  2. Rita says

    She will never be queen in my eyes. She didn’t earn the respect of being given the title. If anything, she has shown disrespect to the royal family, firstly by cheating and secondly by taking the title of queen when queen Elizabeth said she wanted her to be queen consort! She doesn’t deserve the title of queen. I would never curtesy to her.

  3. Mary says

    Personally I think Kate is acting in a way befitting Camilla. I believe the only reason Camilla kept her nose in the royal families business was her SELFISHNESS in wanting to become queen some day thinking she had the right to be queen. & Getting rid of Princess Diana was all part & parcel to her plan. She doesn’t love Charles, she loves the perks of being queen

  4. Marsha says

    Kate Middleton is the very best role model any of us could ask for. Camilla is a challenge, this woman somehow ruined a relationship that was, should have been one made in heaven. How was a absolute insult to Charles. I cannot imagine anything that could possibly cast a more negative impact on Charles. There is not much about Camilla of any value, old used up greedy, borderline alcoholic. She was unfaithful to her husband and thought who she slept with allowed her to maintain her dignity. Lacking any dignity not fit to sit on any throne or wear any crown. I believe her behavior defines trash, there is no title that restores dignity or value after such behavior. Camilla is definitely not important or have any value that necessitates a curtsey from anyone least of all Princess Kate, mother of the future King.

  5. Sandy says

    Very well said. She should never been allowed to become queen anything.

  6. Peggy Fluet says

    William didn’t bow to the has been either!

  7. barbara says

    I think Kate is a great person, a loving wife and mother, and scandal-free as she should be. Her loyalty and love for Wills is evident to all. Her regard for Princess Diana is admirable, not just as Wills’ mom but their childrens’ grandmother. She will be the beautifully able Queen…something Camilla will never be in my eyes…and if Camilla lives that long, she will be the one who should curtsey Queen Catherine.

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