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Kate Middleton Refuses To Play Happy Families At The Coronation

Kate Middleton and her husband William, the Prince of Wales appeared alongside Prince Harry and Meghan Markle when Queen Elizabeth passed away. You might recall that they went to look at floral tributes and bystanders cheered.

Well, with the upcoming coronation of King Charles, Kate allegedly refuses to play-act that kind of “happy families” again. 

Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle – Have Some Issues

There are plenty of reports emerging about the coronation. Allegedly, Prince Harry made some demands and rumors came that he wanted a significant role in the ceremony.

Meanwhile, another story that emerged is that Harry allegedly wanted a meeting with his father if he attended the coronation. Apparently, that was about wanting to thrash out the divide between him and Meghan Markle and the rest of the royals. 

Kate Middleton Refuses To Play Happy Families At The Coronation

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle simply don’t seem to be besties at all. And, if William’s wife distances herself from the former working royals, who can blame her? After all, in the book Spare, Harry said some unkind things. Not to mention what has been said in interviews and in the docuseries, Harry & Meghan. Reportedly, King Charles worries about more bad publicity if his youngest son and his wife create a soap opera out of the coronation. 

Kate Middleton – Refuses To Play At Being Besties

Neil Sean took to his YouTube Channel, Neil Sean’s Daily News Headlines, and spoke about a “very good source.” They leaked about the Princess of Wales and public displays of getting along.  As he’s been in lofty company before, Neil speaks with some authority. In fact, when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Kate and William looked at the floral tributes, he was there. And he noted that some folks refused to shake the hands of the former royals. Clearly, lots of people knew it was staged. 

Kate Middleton Refuses To Play Happy Families At The Coronation
Neil Sean’s Daily News Headlines / YouTube

Kate Middleton allegedly simply won’t do it again, Neil said. He also noted that “Prince William” agrees that she’s right to refuse.  After all, it’s not like everyone who lives in the UK is taken in by the royal family playing at being “happy families.”  Actually, it “insults” the intelligence of the British public in a way. 

Royal Family Watchers React 

Those people who hit the comments section feel that Kate Middleton made the right decision.  YorkshireGal writer, “Who can blame Catherine not wanting to be anywhere near that woman[?] Good on William for standing up for his beautiful wife.”

Meanwhile, Wayward Rachel said,Catherine is absolutely correct. Enough is enough.”

Tell us what you think. Do you agree that Prince William is right to back his wife on not playing happy families during the coronation of King Charles? Do you agree that Harry and Meghan and Kate and William pretending to be besties would be an insult to the intelligence of the people of the UK?  After you share your views, check back on our site for more royal family news.

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  1. Ruby says

    These Royals woyld soon be Head of the Church. Their attitude said otherwise. A true Christian would eat an humble. William and Kate would have said in the Tabloid, William and I woukd be a bigger person to bring our family back. Thats our late mother late Princess Diana. Especially on my father’s Coronation Day. We will not allow Tabloid or British people to contine negativity on our Family. I wish my brother, his Children well. Kaye and I looking forward in burrying the Hatchet and extending an Olive branch. Thats what William and kate should have said and it will make more positive outlookbon their part not a holding grudges on his brother and wife Megan.

    1. Bonnie Jean says

      The Royal Family has bent over backwards to please Harry and Megan. Christian forgiveness does not mean you continue to associate with people who continually lie to you and the public. That is called being a doormat. Harry and Megan are self-absorbed narcissists. It will never be enough. South Park nailed it on their Worldwide Privacy Tour. The are 2 spoiled children who whine if they are not always the center of attention. I greatly admired Queen Elizabeth and many other members of the Royal Family. She would be deeply hurt by all of this. I hope that H & M do not go to the coronation. They are likely to do something inappropriate just for attention. I am an American with ancestry from the UK. As one Australian put it…. they are like D list celebrities who try to manipulate others with lies and made up accusations. Also…. whoever wrote The Spare…. you really could have left out your frostbite story. It just makes you look stupid.

    2. Denise says

      Unfortunately that can’t be. Meghan and Harry crossed the line in a significant way. There is no going back. The Suxesses are deplorable!

    3. Brenda says

      You are so very right!!! But then Kate is getting a bit big headed. If she us not careful as all arrogant people do she will fall and it will hurt! Far as Iam concerned Kate is as phoney as a 3 dollar bill.

      1. Barbara says


    4. Jane says

      Pure BS. Kate and William have done enough bending over backwards to make things work. They have been totally bashed by the Harkles who on top of everything’s my think they are owed an APOLOGY!

  2. Charlotte says

    This is King Charles day not anyone elses, so the whole family should make this day special for him. If it is his decision to have Harry & Me

    1. Paulette Michelz says

      It’s Charles’ day, who really cares. He’s sickening. This all might have been avoided if the Queen would have allowed him to marry the woman that made him happy. Many lives were affected because of this, and it obviously continues to affect them. Not surprised that Will’s has been unfaithful to Kate, like father like son. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree. The late Philip even gave Will’s a special key to a place that he and Charles used for their affairs.

  3. Dee says

    Kate nor Meghan should have to play nice to each other. They’re both adult women. If they don’t like each other they should just be cordial to each other.

    1. Mary Mose says

      Agree! The Princes are brothers, and King Charles is their father. Act like adults and if pressed don’t walk together, don’t sit next to each other, look at the flowers separately, etc. I think the bigger insult is giving Frogmore to Prince Andrew, the disgusting brother of the king who hung out with and behaved like Epstein, the sex addict and abuser of women!

  4. Cindy says

    It’s great that William is standing behind his wife. They shouldn’t have to play nice to them, especially playing nice to Megan. I don’t think they should be allowed to be there.

    1. Wondos says

      Aren’t these people supposed to be adults? My God, grow the F up already! This is their father’s day, not theirs. If they don’t like one another, just look the other direction. Damn!!

    2. Denise says


  5. Dianne Collins says

    No Kate and Meg should not have to play beasties at the coronation and I am happy to see William stans up for his wife. Absolutely it insults the intelligence of the UK and we Americans as well.

  6. Crystal says

    I agree I’m on Kate’s side but I do agree they can be cordial to one another. I do not see Meghan as a Royal figure never will. I’ve seen way to many sides to her one with them watching their Oprah interview showed her true self smiling about her acting pissed me off

  7. Donna says

    Yeah Prince William! Yeah! Princess Catherine.
    And why would Harry, Meghan or King Charles want them to be there in the first place! Bring on the BOOING! That’s what’s going to happen!

    1. Denise says

      Oh that Harry and Meghan. What nightmares they have turned out to be.!!

  8. Summer says

    I think Harry should grow up. Quit being a tell all whiner.
    Good for Kate reportedly refusing to play happy families.

  9. jane strittmater says

    Kate should be honest to herself and not worry about the rest of the world what they think.. she’ll never be able to fix Megan.

  10. Patricia Cowen says

    I’m a Texan… finally the royals have found their backbone. In Texas Harry and his dearly beloved would be banished from even the crummiest of places and they would most certainly not be invited to join any of the country clubs. Some politicians have been run out of restaurants for various reasons far less terrible then they have. They are disgusting. A Te an of any standing would never tolerate such behavior. God bless the King

  11. Lisabeth Scuncio says

    I don’t believe that Harry and his family should be invited to the coronation at all. He left that life behind. His interview on Oprah’s show and his book. Are proof that he doesn’t give a danm. He is a royal in name only. And nothing more.

    1. Denise says

      Well said…

  12. Marlys Baldwin says

    Simple, do not invite Harry or his wife, simple answer, Harry is the one that stepped out, leave it at that, it is what he wanted, please do not kiss his royal ass anymore. Please. Just don’t even print anymore about them, they want a normal life they need to go to classes and learn how the normal people live, when Megan leaves him then he can try to find his way back into his loving family.

  13. Pat Ritchey says

    This is no place in time at the event to make demands,I say again wrong place wrong time. Grow up and be the young man Granny Elizabeth ll and Mum Diana wants you to be.

  14. Mary B says

    This MESS is sad. First off, Meghan , has caused such an uproar!!! Harry is hurting from the time his mother passes. His
    father and mother didn’t really provide a proper life during the boys early days. Charles is their father. He isn’t acting being a father who treats his sons like should be. One is right there stuck by him. He is another son who really needs him.!!!
    Come on people grow up and realize you three are blood family. Each of you will regret it some day!!! William needs help Harry needs help and Heavenly days Charles needs help!!! Camilla is having a hayday..
    Is she a saint?? I hardly think so.

    1. Denise says

      Oh pleeeeeease !!!

  15. Denise Dale says

    Meghan Markle is jealous of Kate. Simple as that…..!

    1. Judy Custer says

      I love the Royal family. I don’t consider Markle royal and Harry is a fool and acts like a spoiled teen. Most people would love to have been in his place( except for losing his mother of course) I wish they would SHUT their traps and allow people to enjoy the beauty, history and splendor of the Royals of Britain.

      1. Denise says

        Yes, well expressed.!

  16. June says

    I live in the US and have great respect for Queen Elizabeth.Harry and Megnut did not visit grandmother when the Queen asked to see them before her passing.This was enough fore to turn my back on H-M.King Charles needs to get a backbone and now King has to put his people first

    1. Barbara says


  17. Dolly says

    Kate and William are not hypocritical. Meghan and Harry do not deserve any couresies and King Charles should start acting like a King.

  18. John Gauthier says

    Kate is a gold digger. Plus, in think the Royal Family is racist, Just because Meghan is mixed, doesn’t give the royal family the right to judge her, she is an American actress, and they hate that. She has her own money, before meeting Harry, to where Kate didn’t have crap before meeting butt kisser William the Cheater just like Daddy I used to watch the things when Queen Elizabeth was alive. But no one that Charles is King in will just read about it, I won’t watch his coronation. Princess Diana wanted a different life for her boys. One stepped out of the Royal BS and has a life to there own. The only reason Charles invited Harry and Meghan is to save face, because Harry and Meghan not coming to Coronation would destroy it, They will be more news the Charles. Who comes in tells his son his mum passed away and doesn’t hug him that is not a man of the people, that is a man who cheated on his wife with the hag gold digger Camilla.

    1. Denise says

      Meghan is the gold digger. Kate works hard getting all her Royal duties done daily as a working Royal. She and William deserve any fortune that comes their way. Megan and Harry left the Royal responsibilities.

  19. Michèle says

    I dont anderstand i am french. But i like Charles its n off Mégane mot good wowen she is durtay. And Harry love this wowen go togetter IT si off to Sée you. Dirty couple . .

  20. Alfreda Harris says

    I think they should try to be friendly for the sake of the children and all the family should come together on the strength of all being who they’re supposed to be and stop acting like spoiled brats and be adults.

  21. Patty chain says

    If Megan is invited yes all of the family should be there.
    All of the family can celebrate Harrys sons BD and
    Charles can see his grandson
    If Megan wasn’t invited both Harry and Meghan
    Shouldn’t go. They are the ones that didn’t want
    Nothing to do with The Royale Family

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