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Kate Middleton Upsets King Charles And Queen Camilla: Here’s Why!

Royal family news reveals Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, has becoming increasingly popular. But King Charles reportedly feels unsettled by Princess Kate’s popularity. And Queen Camilla agrees with her royal hubby. 

Find out how both King Charles and Queen Camilla feel about Kate. And learn if the Palace takes a different perspective. Get all the details below.

King Charles Annoyed At Popular Kate Middleton

It might sound like a scene from Mean Girls. Two powerful people don’t like seeing someone else become more popular. However, rather than a film script, that scenario applies to the royal family.

And insiders claim that King Charles and Queen Camilla find it unsettling to see just how popular Kate Middleton has become, via the Daily Mail.

Kate Middleton Upsets King Charles And Queen Camilla: Here's Why!

But the Palace supports Princess Kate. And it views the Princess of Wales as a “great model for the monarchy,” according to royal experts. For instance, Kate received cheers when she surprised everyone with her appearance at the Chelsea Flower Show. And the Princess of Wales, 41, showed up many hours before Queen Camilla and King Charles made their own appearance.

However, Princess Kate did not make her surprise early appearance in an attempt to compete with the King and Queen, according to experts. And instead, the mother of three stepped out in her first time at the annual Chelsea Flower Show since 2019 to support the royal family. As a result, the Palace appreciates Kate’s efforts, revealed the insiders.

Kate Middleton Delights With ‘Glam And Glitz’

However, King Charles and Queen Camilla have become preoccupied with what an insider described as “high level diplomacy.” For instance, they hosted their first garden party with a carefully curated guest list.

But when it comes to providing the public with fabulous fashions and fun, experts credit Princess Kate. And one expert praised Kate’s “glam and glitz.” But all the glam and glitz apparently can’t cover up the rumors that Charles and Camilla feel upset at seeing how popular Princess Kate has become.

For instance, one expert described the Princess of Wales’ popularity as “unsettling” for the King and Queen. And some royal aides even urged Charles and Camilla to appear with Prince William and Princess Kate in order to form a new “Fab Four.” Before Meghan Markle and Prince Harry exited the royal family, the Duchess and Duke of Sussex often joined Kate and William as the “Fab Four.” But after the Sussex clan departed, royal aides saw an opportunity for King Charles and Queen Camilla to boost their popularity by appearing with Kate and William.

However, Charles reportedly envies Kate’s media coverage. And some even claim that Kate and William stole the spotlight from Camilla and Charles. As a result, a new “Fab Four” seems unlikely. 

Tell us what you think. Do you believe the reports that King Charles and Queen Camilla feel upset over Kate Middleton’s popularity? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more royal family news.

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  1. Sharon says

    Where would your assessment been right now if it wasn’t was William and Kate. They have kept that monarchy together ever since your mother died. She would be appalled by the way you are now treating William and Kate. They have been busting their butts trying to keep the family together especially after what Harry and Megan has done to the Monarchy. Charles you have always loved Kate and how she has handled the people Brition
    And now since you have married Camilla she is going to make to use everything you have. William, Kate and your 3 grandchildren because she wants to be the King and not you. She wants everything she way ans she doesn’t care who gets in her way. Grow some balls and let her know that your are in charge. How would you feel if you were in William and Kate’s shoes and you were only invited 5 to your cornanation but the Queen Corsort were able to invite 20 have would that make you feel. She your wife is being just what Harry called her and people see her as a WITCH.

  2. Deborah says

    Sounds like a repeat of reports of how King Charles resented Princess Diana’s popularity… True love … familial love too …rejoices when others are blessed or liked… not resentful. Being resentful smacks of envy or jealousy.. not attributes of the Biblical fruits of the spirit.. but of the works of the flesh… Galatians Chapter 5…and it’s not being noble or just … as a good King … or Wife Queen Consort … should be. I hope this news of jealousy of Princess Kate by the King and his wife Queen Consort isn’t true… or.. if it is… prayer will help them change their attitude to one of humility and kindness… the traits all good people should strive for… in all stations of life…who want to follow the teachings of Christ and his disciples in their hearts and minds…

  3. Dianne says

    If it weren’t for Princess Kate you would not be enjoying the popularity the royal family is now getting. Prince William & his beautiful wife are the glue holding the monarchy together. The queen consort will never truly be forgiven for being the reason your sons grew up without their mother. She wasn’t liked prior to your wedding to Diana, during your marriage and after. Many of us still can’t stand her and she makes King Charles look like he’s a whipped dog. She treats everyone like she really is a Queen but in the worlds eyes, for the most part, she legally is queen consort. She doesn’t deserve the title she claimed. I wish Queen Elizabeth had followed her thoughts and by passed Charles and gone straight to William & Kate. She should have known that Camilla would let it go to her head. I hope I live long enough to see Wills & Kate where they belong.

  4. Heidi says

    Once home wrecker always a home wrecker… Camilla is a joke. You place a whore on the thrown and not the first time either. Remember Queen Ann Bolyne. She was the Kings whore and later he cast out Queen Catherine for Ann one died from being poisoned the other beheaded… They never learn from past mistakes. Princess Diana was loved and adored and she ended up dead to be replaced by Camilla and both of them envied the popularity of Diana now it’s Kate. William watch out for your wife….

  5. Linn Hawkins says

    I think it’s pretty petty and childish of the now king and queen to behave in such a a manner, being jealous and envious of their daughter-in- law, particularly when her goal was to support the royal family.

  6. Patricia Newmans says

    I agree with what was said about the lovely Queen???? Trying to run the show.I do not know what all she did to get rid of Prince Harry and Meghan but now she. Is working on Prince William and Kate by starting the thing with Prince William and his affair if there wS ever one.To tear william and Kate apart.and everyone knows she is the one that done that.
    A snake in the grass

  7. MaryAnn says

    I think it is like a repeat of Princes Diana fir Charles and Camila because Diana was and still is so loved around the world it seems like it has come back to haunt them

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