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King Charles Humiliated By Queen Camilla’s Behavior

Either she doesn’t have the energy to do it anymore or she’s simply over it. Either way, King Charles is feeling less than pleased with his wife Queen Camilla’s behavior lately. That’s because she’s become a royal embarrassment. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News – King Charles Humiliated By Queen Camilla’s Behavior

King Charles and his wife Camilla Parker Bowles are currently on a state trip in Kenya. And while the trip has been going fairly well, there was a moment in which Queen Camilla refused to get out of the car when King Charles met up with some of the locals.

It was a rather odd scene as the Queen of England could be seen sulking inside her car while waiting for her husband to finish with his royal engagement.

King Charles Humiliated By Queen Camilla’s Behavior

Now, as far as why Queen Camilla decided to sit out the engagement no one knows, but her behavior certainly did raise some eyebrows. Queen Elizabeth would never do something like that during her day.

No matter how tired she was or how many engagements she had in one day, Queen Elizabeth always remained professional. Plus, she knew that she had to be seen doing the right things all the time as the spotlight was always on her.

Royal Family News – What’s Next For Charles And Camilla?

But with Queen Camilla, things are certainly different. Some reports have suggested that she feels too old to be going on multiple and international state trips in such a short period of time.

After all, it wasn’t too long ago that they were in France. And now Camilla’s been forced to hop on another plane and visit Kenya. This is not something she pictured herself doing during her retirement years.

Of course, King Charles feels humiliated by his wife’s behavior, but there’s not much he can really do right now other than just hope that she won’t be sulking in cars at future engagements, too. Watch this space.

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  1. Jmiller says

    She’s old, shes worn out and she finally got what she wanted. She’s Queen. All she wanted was the title not the responsibility

    1. Dorothy says

      Well said !!

  2. Rhonda says

    Soooooo tired of these two. There are more important things I would like to know about

  3. Sue F. says

    If she can not do the job, then leave her at home. He can take his sister, Princess Anne or ask Princess Catherine to accompany him…. leave her alone enough and I bet she will find the energy somewhere… I wonder if she has a drinking problem ….

    1. Colleen says

      She is known to have a few too many. She and Charles are responsible to what happened to Princess Diana. That cow got what she wanted and she’d better play the part or get out. Charles needs to do something about her.

  4. Patti Boudreaux says

    I think the King got what he wanted his lovely (not) Camila. Wonder how Princess Diana would have been as queen? Be careful what you wish for. It might come back to bite you in your behind

    1. Still upset about Diana! says

      Makes my day! He deserves what he got, a tired and not even pretty woman.

      1. Sharon says

        King Charles is seen to be very happy with his duties. He also from all press reports loves his wife dearly. She is also older and just plain tired of all this protocol. Is the press again making a fuss when there’s no need .

  5. Ramona L. says

    She wanted the title of Queen, so let her put on her big girl panties and deal with the responsibilities of being the Queen.

  6. Erika says

    Please abolish that irrelevant institution and the hideous self-entitled people that belong to it.

  7. Robin says

    Camilla only wanted the Title and and the luxury that comes with being a Queen. I feel for King Charles. Katherine has young children. 3 children that require a lot of attention.
    Princess Anne would do the job and with high regards like her Mother the real Queen. I
    Think Camilla has been doing her drinking again.

    1. Judith says

      We all knew she would never be the queen that Diana would have been!

  8. Yvonne Yakimovich says

    She is NOT the Queen of England, she is the Queen Consort! Charles wanted her to be “referred” to as Queen. Queen Elizabeth approved the Queen Consort title instead of Dutchess. Please get your fact right before blathering a lot on nonsense. We have no idea why she stayed in the car; maybe Charles told her to……

    1. Juanita J Sparkes says

      Very good point. I am glad she stayed in the car and sulked like a soiled child. To quote my English husband she is being a “bloody misery”.
      She will never be considered a a Queen like Queen Elizabeth.

    2. Lauren says

      You nailed it. She inserted herself into the family from before the beginning of Charles and Diana’s relationship. She’s a jealous outsider that never got her way until Diana died. It’s terrifying that she was given any title as an obstructionist and disgusting that she believed she believed she belonged in Kensington Palace. Camila belongs on the Island of Misfits!

  9. Cynthia says

    King Charles should leave old Camilla at home if she going to act like a spoiled child. He’s better off without her.

  10. Judy says

    She only wants the Title. How dare she invite all her family for holidays and not include Harry! She’s a goldddigger and ruined the lives of William and Harry. It’s all about her. Charles needs to grow some!!!

  11. Carol says

    Karma is a Bitch

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