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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Accused Of Hanging On To Royal Titles While Trashing Monarchy

Once upon a time, Prince Harry was asked why he doesn’t just give up his titles and place in the Royal Family, and he replied that it wouldn’t make any difference. Actually it might.

At least people wouldn’t accuse him of enjoying the titles whilst trashing same monarchy that gave them the titles at every turn.

Angela Levin Says Prince Harry Made It Clear He Won’t Have Anything to Do with His Family Unless They Apologized To Wife Meghan

When British outlets reported that King Charles invited Harry to his intimate 75th birthday party and he declined the invitation, Harry’s spokesperson set the record straight by saying that he was never invited.

Speaking on the issue, Angela Levin opined: “Harry has made it very clear that he is not complying with anything until his father and his brother have apologised to Meghan. What for? We don’t know.”

 Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Accused Of Hanging On To Royal Titles While Trashing Monarchy

As to how Charles would react to Harry’s absence on his birthday, she said: “I think the royals are used to it now. It’s not going to spoil his birthday.

I think Charles knows that if they did come it would ruin the festivities. Harry would start pointing fingers with ‘when you did this when you did that’.”

The Royal biographer continued: “I’m sure Charles may be a bit upset that this is yet another chance he is missing to meet his grandchildren. But the problem is that Harry doesn’t want to make amends and doesn’t want to be part of the family – they want to destroy and punish it. What is ridiculous is Meghan and Harry want to hang on for dear life to their titles but yet they want to destroy the monarchy.”

The Royal Family Seems To Have Closed Ranks On The Sussexes And Decided To Keep The “Toxic” Pair Out Of Their Events.

Just recently, Charles seemingly took a swipe at the couple. When attending a State Banquet in Kenya, he spoke of the special significance the country has for his family, personally naming Prince William and Princess Kate, and neglecting to mention Harry and Meghan.

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