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Meghan Markle Did The Unimaginable During The Invictus Games

Meghan Markle did something that no other royal had ever done during the Invictus Games in Germany this past week.

Apparently, she walked past the veterans at the game as she was looking to hog all of the attention to herself. At least, that’s what one body language expert believes. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Did The Unimaginable During The Invictus Games

Body language expert Jesus Enrique Rojas told GB news in an interview that the Duke of Sussex’s demeanor supposedly changed the moment that his wife Meghan Markle arrived at the Invictus Games this year.

That’s because she did the unimaginable, and that was steal the spotlight away from the people who deserved it the most and that was the veterans.

Meghan Markle Did The Unimaginable During The Invictus Games

Rojas put it this way, Meghan appeared to march in front of the veterans. It was shocking really. We can see Meghan stealing attention from the real protagonists of the Invictus Games.

She has the right to go to Dusseldorf but featuring her so much is effectively stealing the spotlight from the games, which is a wasted opportunity. Meghan is quite dominant, Harry had a bit of charisma before she arrived, but when Meghan arrives, things tend to change a bit.”

Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Tried To Get Prince Harry’s Attention Too

Rojas went on to say that the Duchess of Sussex apparently knew what she was doing at the games. She also has her way of getting her husband’s attention when she sees that it starts leering in a different direction.

The expert continued, “Especially with this gesture when she’s a bit bored. It was a running joke at first, but it’s happened so many times through the past three years, we know Harry completely changes when she’s around. She begins with a tap on the back, then she grabs him and begins to pull him away. That’s what she does.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been reached for comment about the matter.

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  1. Dorothy says

    I think you should take a break from dissing the Duchess of Sussex, she is terrific and does not deserve your vitriol

    1. Kate says

      She needs to back off it’s not all about her Everytime.She thinks by walking in a room they àre clapping for her.well the laughs on her,there not she’s not the prince. She only Megan.

  2. Debby says

    Megan’s a selfish control freak, glory hound, loves the media & being photograph.

  3. Jane Lane says

    It’s all about ME ( according to Meghan ). What a self-centered narsassistic, self-absorbed
    Twit !! So tired of having to delete any “news” about her shallow and unintelligent ideas….
    My message to her: Stay home and BE QUIET !
    So many of us simply DO NOT LIKE YOU and we’re TIRED of you !

  4. Fran says

    Megan Markle needs to back off. I was totally shocked to see her in front of the deserving veterans. Harry was so much better before her appearance in Germany Why didnt she just stay home where she belongs

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