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Sister Wives Spoilers: Janelle Brown Can’t Get Divorce From Kody

The Sister Wives (SW) spoilers reveal that Janelle Brown can’t get a divorce from Kody. She may have left him, but she claims the process takes too long. Some fans think she’s lying. Find out what’s going on with the state of their relationship.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Janelle Brown Can’t Move On

The Sister Wives spoilers show the truth behind Janelle and Kody Brown’s divorce. The two are still legally married.

On Season 18 of Sister Wives, Janelle said she had to take the steps to leave Kody behind. She was scared because she realized he was financially responsible for her.

Janelle had nothing to her name. The estranged couple had a blowout fight at her apartment. Janelle and Kody couldn’t see eye-to-eye when it came to holiday plans. That’s when Janelle realized that Kody never thinks of her feelings. Kody refused to listen to her.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Janelle Brown Can't Get Divorce From Kody

Sister Wives Spoilers: Janelle Wanted To Move On From Their Marriage.

She knew that their plural marriage couldn’t work anymore because Kody chose favorites. SW fans have been on Janelle’s side.

However, there are questions as to whether Janelle and Kody actually followed through with their divorce.

She went back and forth with the idea of leaving Kody. The spoilers suggest that Janelle is reluctant to date again and is now against the idea of getting a divorce.

The Sister Wives fans dubbed Janelle as the new Meri because of her flip-floppy behavior. Janelle wants to stay with Kody because she doesn’t know how to take care of herself.

She argued that divorce takes forever and feels like she should stay married because of her faith.

SW Spoilers: Janelle Brown’s Secret Revealed

The Sister Wives spoilers revealed Janelle Brown’s secret. It turns out that she’s lying to the viewers about not being able to get a divorce from Kody.

One viewer noted that Janelle is familiar with the process since she did it the first time around. She filed for divorce from her ex-husband Adam Barber.

This has left doubts among the fanbase. Some wonder if Janelle will stick to her word. Others called out the wives for making up drama for the sake of ratings.

Christine was the only one to successfully leave Kody and went on to marry her new husband David Woolley.

The Sister Wives spoilers hint that there’s still speculation about Kody and Janelle’s split. What are your thoughts? Do you believe her saying that she can’t get a divorce? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Debbie S. says

    Janelle can’t do without that piece of trash. Apparently she likes being treated like a servant to Robyn.
    Everyone knows Robyn is the only one Kody cares about. The others are just there to work to keep him and Robyn in their expensive lifestyle! Wake up Janelle you and your kids mean nothing to him.

  2. Aimee says

    They are NOT legally married. It is a spiritual marriage. So technically she can leave whenever she wants. But she is extremely worried about her money issues, and her beliefs are stopping her from walking away. It all comes down to what she can and cannot put up with from Kody.

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