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Meghan Markle Flaunted $44,915 Accessories, Gets New Nickname At Invictus Games

Like a character from Sex And The City, Meghan Markle just loves her designer shoes. And she demonstrated that passion for showing off more than $2,000 worth of shoes at the Invictus Games.

However, she also adores pricey accessories, flaunting everything from a designer scarf to diamond earrings.

But the event also earned the Duchess of Sussex a new nickname. And no, it’s not Carrie Bradshaw. Get all the details on the shoes, the Duchess, and the nickname below. 

Meghan Markle Flaunts Designer Shoes

Should it be Gucci today? Or Chanel? Meghan Markle faces so many choices. For instance, the Duchess of Sussex apparently couldn’t decide which of her designer shoes to wear at the Invictus Games.

Meghan Markle Flaunted $44,915 Accessories, Gets New Nickname At Invictus Games

And so she swapped one designer pair for another, pointed out Page Six.

Sole-fully speaking, Meghan wanted to start out on the right foot at the 2023 Invictus Games in Düsseldorf, Germany Wednesday.

And so the Duchess of Sussex, 42, began her appearance in $1,350 Chanel slingbacks. But soon after, Meghan changed into $790 gray canvas Hermès sneakers.

And later, the Duchess of Sussex swapped shoes again, wearing pumps with pointed toes. Of course accessories matter.

And Meghan opted for Anito Ko diamond leaf earrings ($8,200), a Cartier Love bracelet ($7,350), and Princess Diana’s gold Cartier Tank Française watch ($26,000). At one point, she also sported an Hermès Brides de Gala scarf ($1,225).

Duchess Of Sussex Gets New Nickname

However, the games also saw Meghan receiving a new nickname. And the Duchess of Sussex earned it after joining hubby Prince Harry at the Invictus Games. This year marked the sixth of his international adaptive sports competition for wounded, injured and sick service personnel and veterans, according to People.

The Duchess and Duke of Sussex viewed a wheelchair basketball game between Ukraine and Australia. And they also devoted time to the Nigerian team. In his opening speech, Harry revealed that his wife supported the latter.

“Now, I’m not saying we play favorites in our home,” began the Duke of Sussex. “But since my wife discovered she’s of Nigerian descent, it’s likely to get a little bit more competitive this year.” Harry’s comment refers to Meghan revealing last year that she discovered she is 43% Nigerian as a result of a genealogy test.

And Meghan posed with Harry for a pic with Team Nigeria. The team in turn gave them a plaque from the Chief of Defense. And the Duchess of Sussex received a new nickname, “Amira Ngozi Lolo.”

That nickname features royal implications. For instance, Amira refers to the name of a warrior princess from a legend. And while Ngozi means “blessed,” Lolo means “royal wife.”

Tell us what you think. How do you feel about Meghan Markle’s passion for pricey accessories? And what do you think of her new royal nickname? After you share your views, check back on our site for more royal family news.

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  1. Sally Smith says

    They should be stripped of all royal titles. They are immature, self centered people. We don’t want them in America.

  2. Rose says

    The thought of her makes me want to pick Just a washed up actress and a spare prince Money hungry Bitch

  3. NannieBee says

    Wait till their money runs out, and it could be very soon.

  4. GapGirl says

    Now I’m going to stop you right there. I even brought up about Meghan’s shoes on Twitter. I posted about 2 of the pairs of her shoes she wore at the games 2023 when she and Harry were still working royals. She is rewearing shoes so you really need to fact check for the truth. They were not all new.

  5. Vlj says

    She is such a wsnbabe….she makescthe Kardashians look like amateurs! Waiting for her sex tape to surface….
    She is a self promoting, ruthless, ambitious, phoney. I hope she falls from “grace” with a thud! Shame on her for exploiting her husband’s mental issues for oersonal fain. When does he get his new nose ring? The one she’s bern leading him around by is becoming tarnished.

  6. Betty says

    I agree, her antics during the game sickened me. The games were for the handicapped Veterans not about She dog and Her servant Ginger Boy. That wasn t the place for him to trash his family because his pissed because he can no longer wear his,uniforn and her promoting herself. She will fall on her face and face being a total failure it’s only a matter of time.

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