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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Sell Their Montecito Mansion Because Of Financial Problems?

This certainly isn’t good news. There’s a new report that suggests Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are having some major troubles behind closed doors. Not only is there a lot of speculation that they might be on the brink of divorce, but there’s one report that suggests they might have already sold their Montecito mansion. That’s because they have been having a hard time making their mortgage payments for the $14 million dollar property. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Sell Their Montecito Mansion Because Of Financial Problems?

Clearly, there is some major trouble in paradise. Page Six says that one insider claims that they have already sold their mansion in Montecito and that Prince Harry has been living separately from his wife Meghan and their two children, Archie and Lilibet.

Sources close to the situation say that their Spotify failure has been a “game changer” in their relationship. As many fans are probably already aware, Spotify pulled the plug on their $20 million dollar contract for failing to produce enough content in the past three years, among other things.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Sell Their Montecito Mansion Because Of Financial Problems?

Of course, many royal fans and critics alike have commented on the Sussex divorce rumors with, “She thought it would be good money and absolute fame to bring the Monarchy down.

Now there is nothing left but two broken shells,” along with, “Yep, I knew from the beginning, Harry and Meghan are too dissimilar.

Completely different backgrounds and lifestyles. Meghan is a Hollywood-hanger-on. Harry doesn’t fit in there. I give him credit for trying, but it’s just not working for him.”

Royal Family News: Is This The Beginning Of The End For Harry and Meghan?

Another critic wrote, “This is the what the end of the looks like road for greed, narcissism and complete hypocrisy. America wants nothing to do with either of them. Neither does Great Britain.”

So far Harry and Meghan themselves have not confirmed or denied the rumors. Watch this space as there’s definitely more to come.

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  1. Nancy says

    Where do you get this stuff you want people to believe this stuff I like reading things but I give you credit it is interesting

  2. Kathleen says

    If Harry has now been stripped of his “,Duke” shouldn’t she be stripped of her “Duchess?”

  3. Dawnmarie Davison says

    I find it hard to believe that H & M are splitting up. They love each other too much. Besides M just doesn’t give up that easy. Not to mention giving her children up as well? I just don’t see that happening.
    I guess the press will say anything to sell their paper.
    Shame on them. H & M have feelings too. Keep that in mind.

  4. Wendy says

    Like the Queen said a while back before she passed .” Harry will always be Prince Harry no matter what. “ . Its no winder no one can b bothered with them.Whine whine whine . Thats all you ever hear. They need to buck up , grow up ,shut up be responsible and move on. Live life. She comes off as a controlling person. And Harry as a puppy. I feel bad for there children . Harry could start by Stop throwing his family his entire family under the bus . Its like a big ole tantrum.Megan is jealous of the Royals. Attitude sucks . Wish them the best tho.

  5. Diane Nagle says

    Megan isn’t what the American women is like. She wanted a Prince for his money and station in life. But she married the wrong brother for that. Megan never will be Queen of anything and she can’t handle that. She down they the praise she needed and wanted and she married the brother that is just too meek. I’d like everyone but then Harry would lose his kids. By the way Harry and Megan only have 2 children. It is Wiliam and Kate that have 3 children. Better get your reporting correct.

  6. Salvatore Citrano says

    Harry blew it when he married a GOLD DIGGER from America. Now after the divorce he can move back tooo Britain where he belongs and leave the money grabber Merkel behind!!!It’s a dam shame children are involved in this soap opera!!

  7. Lela S. says

    I feel sorry for Harry, but he made his bed by marrying her, so now he has to lay in it. He should divorce her, take the kids and crawl home to his family with his head hanging down low. Like the queen said” Harry will always be Prince Harry.”

  8. Nancy says

    Megan is such a lier. She should have to show birth certificates for everything she does. She destroys everything and everyone she comes in contact with. Does she even have real kids

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